Do you remember what the girl who was with me last night was wearing?

I wish you'd been around last weekend.

When I play peekaboo with my baby, he stops crying immediately.

Murthy seems puzzled by the result.

I think Josh is the person who painted that picture.

Let's all stay in touch.

The child captivates everyone with his sunny smile.

She sat next to him and listened quietly.

I don't know why people do that.

I was thinking about her.

I saw Ami driving down the street.

I think I'll put up my child for adoption.


It's almost dinnertime.

Rudolph can't stand people who are mean to stoats.

I had no right to interfere.

I can't hide out forever.

It goes without saying that I love you.

I thought you might want this back.

I made you wait so long; I beg your forgiveness.

The station isn't far from here.

Everyone looked at us.

He broke his arm.

The company is struggling for survival.


I can't stand him any more.

She looks just like my sister.

I didn't ask Greg to do that.


Both of Meeks's sons died in the war.

I'll make you what you want.

Clarissa hid the gun under some socks in the drawer.

I've been living in Milan for ten years.

My longest romantic relationship lasted four months.

Neil, I want you to have this.

I make it a rule to do some exercise before breakfast.


That man looks vaguely familiar.

It's not going to be easy to finish this job on time.

Is that in Uighur?

The story ended all of a sudden.

Is someone coming to pick us up?

Get an egg from the refrigerator.

Laughter filled the room.

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Shane is ambitious.

It was all there.

I want to go to Hawaii next spring.

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The Bible tells us that we should love our neighbors.

I have recently become accustomed to his way of speaking.

How do I know that Rupert is the one for me?


I have a friend I correspond with.


His Truth is marching on.

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I think I'm pretty lucky.

This policy is sure to go a long way towards stimulating business.

I think I'll get some rest.

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Somebody's going to get hurt.

I can sell it to him.

Who's your favorite race car driver?

We're meeting to discuss strategy.

We were proud of Phil.


Beijing is bigger than Rome.

There are eighteen of them.

Leave them out of this.

I want to buy a pack of cigarettes.

I won't let it happen again.

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Tell us what's on your mind.

Isabelle has received several job offers.

Cheer me up!

Is that what you have in mind?

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

I made that for Novo.

What did he reply?


The party of pilgrims started for Shikoku.

There's nothing we can do to help.

"I care very deeply for you," she confessed.

Internet is a vast network connecting innumerable computers on a world scale.

Everybody except Joe went to the party.

Bradley often meets his friends here.

Who says I'm afraid of her?

Thanks for loving a fool like me.

Do you want to stop them?

I don't want to mess with that.

My sister is having a baby in June.

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We must phone for an ambulance.


We took a back road to avoid the heavy traffic.


I would never make fun of you.

You shouldn't let Granville push you around.

We still haven't heard from Tobias.

Jeannette is a crooked cop.

You've gotten fat.

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Herb asked Part what kind of books she liked to read.


This is excellent.


I mean to be there this evening.

We acted in good faith.

A flock of sheep was grazing in the fields.

Babies crawl before they walk.

A small wicket-gate opened upon a footpath that wound through some shrubbery to the door.

I broke a glass when I did the dishes.

There were cracks in the cup so the drink leaked out.


We haven't been on a date yet.

I go to school by bus.

I gave Matthieu a little more time to finish his report.

A lot of insects are chirping in the field.

Were you working last year?

Izzy can't do anything about it.

Let's play a game of Tute!

Relax for a second.

Do you mean us?

You shouldn't smoke so much.

Can you imagine me making a cake?

You should enjoy this.

The falcon has keen eyes.


Aliens are often depicted with dark, almond-shaped eyes.

He does not believe in evolution.

Keep Joanne entertained.


Charlie departed, leaving Reid and John alone.


Don't tell me you didn't see it.

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I should have known.

I've had some bad breaks.

That's how I injured my ankle.

It's never too late to say no.

At the ethics committee, a temporary halt to cloning experiments was decided.

I'd prefer to remain anonymous.

What a fast runner Miss Kanda is!


Hillary has an older sister, Anne, and two younger sisters, but I don't remember their names.


That's the last thing that I expected you to do.

What use would this be to you?

Stop lazing around and look for a job.

I guess they really weren't all that busy.

Not only can't I tell Sandy, I can't even tell you.

She hates the rules.

You have too many books on the shelf.

Could we please talk about this some other time?

All of us stared at Saad.

It took me three weeks to get over the flu.

There's no reason for concern.

Do I have to insert coins first?

Nobody mentioned my country.

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I expect that he will help us.


I got to sleep late.

I didn't want to throw it out.

Because the lecturer speaks quickly few people could follow him.


The rain prevented us from playing baseball.

I'll be back by seven or eight o'clock.

Whether he comes or not is irrelevant.

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Can you play the piano?

The train is late.

Now I've had enough.


After the holidays, I'll probably need to go on a diet again.

What were you and Kathryn doing in Boston?

How should I get there from the airport?

William took out his gun and fired a shot in the air.

Boyd looked confused.

They held a protest march for freedom.

I am not kidding.


The three main monotheistic religions are Islam, Judaism and Christianity.


Sandra expressed himself in good English.

Is something wrong with Sumitro?

He bakes bread in a very old oven.

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How different is Kees?

I know a lot of good restaurants.

The plane came in 30 minutes late.

I don't think Vidhyanath would try to kill us.

Wait quietly until the substitute teacher gets here.

Keep quiet!

Dwight noticed a gunshot wound in Sugih's right arm.

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Winston was aware of the danger.


He's wearing a sleeveless shirt and a trucker hat.