The scene before me was very beautiful.

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A lion is certainly much stronger than a sole hyena but there were three times as many hyenas there as lions.

She will give birth to a child next month.

I just cleaned my room.

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I'm being arrested.

Keep learning and become a polyglot.

First of all, we must dismiss the cook.


We're Hungarians.

The windows were too steamed up to be able to recognize something.

The room filled with laughter.

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She accelerated her car.

I should get ready.

"Thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit! I'm burning up!" "Poor Mr. Snowman."


I like your idea.

I left Patricia in charge.

He's interested in Mayan prophecies.

The bird was half as large as an eagle.

Are you sure you're warm enough?

I moved to Boston three years ago.

Put your guns away.

You should vote.

I'm feeling a little under the weather today.

Hotta tried to convince Joseph that he'd changed.

Dewey currently goes to college in Boston.

Donne is the only one likely to be able to do that.

Margaret answered the telephone.


That was a stupid thing to do.

Kriton risked his life for us.

I teach English to someone.

He works at a pawn shop.

He is a man of great wealth.

Yesterday was the first time in a long time that I really worked out, so all the muscles in my body ached when I woke up this morning.

Sonny and Torsten sat down to dinner at the usual time.

Please let me know your new address.

The grammar of Esperanto is very simple.

I will deal with him myself.

He went out of the room.


He responded by giving the "OK" gesture.


Edgar pulled out a bag of candy from his pocket and offered some to Santa.

Fate shuffles the cards; we play.

You sell us fish.

In our village school, there was no German language instructor.

The sun has already gone down.


That's nothing to be proud of.

Hank didn't come.

I think Barney used to own a Japanese car.

Yes, I have insurance.

Their dog was so fierce that he kept everyone away.

Does your wife have a cat?

I'm in charge of security.

Then you just have to fill out this card.

You tell him the truth.


That doesn't bother me.


I'm not a robot.

Kris is obviously concerned.

Intolerance is a breeding ground for war.

I cannot lift this box.

Oh, my tongue! You have been always my support in grief and joy, understood and cherished fondly, since I was a little boy.

It's cold in Idaho in the winter.

That would be acceptable.

Annie's got the key.

Dan told two law enforcement agencies two different accounts.

Do you want to keep dating Beckie?

I think you've been lied to.


The Chinese government released on 25th "Diaoyu Islands are China's inherent territory "White Paper.

Nils hasn't bought a new pair of shoes in three years.

My room has only one window.

Sugih tried to climb over the fence.

I like red wine better than white.

Craig doesn't live very far away.

We amused ourselves by playing games.

Do you see what happens when you don't listen?

Is that all clear?

We two know that you two lie.

Does anyone know when Rainer is coming?

What a hideous-looking couch.

About two-thirds of the Earth's oxygen is produced by phytoplankton.

Will you throw in some cables for that price?

You must be very talented, so as I!

It'll rain tonight.

Yes. We'll visit a factory which produces television sets.

Hwa was an electrical engineer.

I don't know what the big deal is.


I'm not interested in what Bob thinks.

He took the heavy box down from the shelf.

I told Nils where he should put his suitcases.


Morgan has many cats.

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I opened the window to let in some fresh air.

I'll get a bucket of water.

Speaking English is very difficult for me.

I wish I had more close friends.

Could you clarify the meaning of your sentence for me?

You may depend on him to help you.

I appreciate your graciousness and efforts on my behalf.

He decided to major in medicine in college.

Everyone is getting fidgety.

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When Earnie began studying culinary arts, the instructing chef made him practice cutting up onions and carrots as uniformly as possible.

Happy is the man who is contented with his lot.

There's been a lot of rain this year.

Japan is the largest importer of U.S. farm products.

Don't argue with an idiot, or else people might not be sure which of you is really the idiot.

I know you've been busy.

You looked like you enjoyed that.


This book is written in English.

We get along great.

Some of the birds didn't fly.

You should grab your bag and hurry home.

Faults are thick where love is thin.

Please don't say "I told you so."

There may be nothing to worry about.

Gale is used to winning.

Socially awkward children are more susceptible to bullying.

Identical twins have different fingerprints.

How long does Vladislav have?

I'll come as often as possible.

Wow! What an eater!

Wendi is a video artist.

Are you still living with your parents?

I had a new suit made.

This website is very useful.

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One of the boys suddenly ran away.

Rees and Andy used to be inseparable.

How much for this carpet?

Casey started rinsing off the dishes.

There is something you must know.

She understands music.

Have you googled me?

I used to play tennis when I was a young student.

He's a friend of a friend.

Come on! Quickly!

Many stores offer discounts in the month of August.

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Walls have ears and Shoji style Japanese paper sliding doors have eyes.


They weren't doing anything wrong.

Has the cat got your tongue?

You're the only person who hasn't yet made a donation.


Samuel doesn't pay attention to details.

Someone told me that every cigarette you smoke takes seven minutes away from your life.

This is the watch I bought yesterday.


Would you please speak to him?

Let me see your driver's license.

The police accused her of texting while driving.

Our views on the matter are in accord.

Please refer to the tourist information office.

I'm sorry but it's not my position to make a decision.

I'm sure you meant that.


Belinda is having trouble dealing with the pain.

This carving knife ... it's one made by a famous swordsmith.

They walked all the way to Boston.


Bradley can't have that.

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If you're old and can't see, don't drive!


I've thought about it, and what we're doing is just not right, so let's break up after today.

She was at her wit's end what to do.

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia.

How did you find her?

I look forward to corresponding with you.

He attempted to swim across the river.

I thought that was impossible.

You should face up to the reality.

The train passed by us.

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Sharada is more determined than ever.

Darn it!

I'm surprised you remember me.

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I'm still not used to wearing a helmet.

Glenn doesn't eat beef.

Fritz didn't seem to notice any problems.

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I know you're not coming to my party, but I wish you were.

I'd appreciate it if you could come.

This is fine.


Everyone ignored them.