He has coffee-colored shoes.

The primary cause of his failure is laziness.

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That looks unlikely.


I've been waiting here for three hours.

I carefully considered my options before proceeding.

He's paralytic.


Mat abandoned his car that had run out of gasoline and started walking.

Nichael left this.

Vidhyanath certainly plays the guitar well.


I can't be sure Tomas will help.


You will know the truth one day.

You are one of the most despicable people it has ever been my displeasure to meet.

Once she starts talking, she is hard to stop.

Hold the vase with both hands.

Last Wednesday, I wrote a letter to my siblings.

You've got to see her.

"When will Skef get here?" "I really wish I knew."

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Since you like to write letters, why don't you drop her a line?

Please put yourself in my place.

Why am I being taken back to Boston?

She had jet black hair.

Susanne eventually became a doctor.


Pierette asked if he needed to wear a tie.

There's no problem at all.

Thank you for your support.

Rathnakumar volunteered to do the job.

I make it a rule to get up at six every morning.


Merat is actually a good singer.

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It's a whole other ball game.


You can probably guess what happens though.

I am planning to take my relationship with you to the next level.

Please get into the bath.

I must save her at all costs.

The horse began to protest as soon as it was hitched to the cart.


This painting is attributed to Picasso.

My father has the same car as Mr Kimura's.

I wish I had taken better care of myself.

Don't come in my room without knocking.

Owen deserves a vacation.

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It doesn't matter whether she admits her guilt or not.

I told them you were happy.

Marital arguments should always be constructive to a marriage.

He is liked by all even though he has his faults.

Vadim started dancing to the music.

Kory isn't autistic.

I knew you'd be angry.


This castle is more beautiful than that.

Linda was a divorced mother of five children.

It was already too late.

He saved my life.

Every time you go out with him, it seems to rain. So we call him the rain man.

Puns were found in ancient Egypt, where they were heavily used in development of myths and interpretation of dreams.

I think Steve should stay away.

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I feel the need to do something different today.

Grant wouldn't tell Ralf how to do it.

I'm an alcoholic.

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Arlene's face was swollen and bruised.


Everyone has a name.

I'm just glad I could help.

Rudolph didn't wear a suit.


My uncle is very fond of fishing.

Experience will tell in this case.

I hope nothing's wrong.

I'm against people driving big cars.

Gunnar's father is very strict.

You must leave the diagnosis to your doctor.

I don't think that Erick will swim tomorrow.

I don't know how to translate this quote.

We must lose no time in escaping.


What's Arne going to say now?

I can't beat Juliane.

We all want you to be happy.

Kory wants a bicycle.

Do you want to hear it?

It seems to be difficult for her to get along with students in the new school.

Operations are already underway.

My younger brother is taller than I.

Are you a vampire?


I've disobeyed them.


Please take this seat.


The gun went off while he was cleaning it, and the bullet almost struck his wife.


They don't give presents.

Carlos is intelligent and creative.

Shakespeare was a contemporary of Marlowe.

When will we reach the airport?

I have settled on green for the curtains.


Claudio was so angry that he couldn't speak.

How can you stop us?

I'm proud of Edith.


We don't have time to do everything they've asked us to do.

Is that someone's name?

The boy talking with Shutoku is Josh.

It isn't the graying hair nor the number of years which makes "age"; a person is old when they've lost their sense of humour and aren't interested in anything anymore.

I can teach you how to shoot.

The truth is too simple, one can only go there by way of the complex.

My shoes will have to be mended.

Don't depend on other people too much.

Triantaphyllos is a deep-sea diver.


This design is too inefficient to prototype.


Your lawyers want to see you.

Rod didn't know what to say.

He is on the town.


He loves cats.


My mother prepares my meals.

I have a huge amount of clothes in my closet.

I'd like a daiquiri.

I think this one is inferior to that in quality.

Vince spends too much time playing video games.

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I already did that.

His parents tried to make him understand how important a good education is.

His office is right up there.

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Why is it so complicated?

The mayor prescribed to the citizens how to act.

Everybody except Patrick stopped walking.

I can walk no farther.

If you don't like this, you don't have to eat it.


It's such a beautiful day outside.

Ramon wasn't easy to find.

I attended his funeral.

I'm not on Timo's side.

Nice is to the south.

She went at the invitation of an unknown man.

You told me you wouldn't be here today.


I put on my shoes at once.


But always pleasure is accompanied by pain.

How was I supposed to know?

I thought Sanand would make breakfast.


Jorge said that he didn't want to go to Murthy's party.

If you're going away for a day, take food for three days.

Pria put his shirt on backwards.

They pulled their boat up onto the beach.

Fortunately, I have a green thumb.


We were both busy.

Tell me that's a joke.

Didn't I warn you?

We had a party in the open.

Europe is more dangerous than I thought.

There lived an old man in a village.

Mr. Darcy asked him why he had not married your sister at once.

The accident left him permanently paralyzed.

He got out of the habit of smoking.

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I've lived here for 10 years.

You've painted the walls, haven't you?

Ask Perry to be quiet.

Ro attended Harvard University.

Lyndon stuck a handwritten sign on the door.


Laurence and Angela have the flu.


He looks just like an angel.


A stable economy is the aim of every government.

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Elwood couldn't find Tomas's house.

Did he succeed in the examination?

I'll tell him to call you back.


It looks like Nici is drunk again.

Mahmoud never married.

It takes just over half an hour to read this story.


If you're against marrying before 25 then don't!

Boston is just one of the cities I visited last year.

Ted and Loren both study French.