You look incredible in that dress.

Don't let him into this room.

They guard their families from poverty.


Don't fly off the handle.


I'll get my diploma in two years.

She thinks it is true that skipping breakfast is bad. I don't think so.

"What did the politician toast to at the dinner party?" "To peace."

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This is just a rumor.

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I'm smarter than everyone else here.


This is ridiculous!


How do you know so much about Srinivasan?


Where is your bedroom?

I'd like to ask you a couple of questions.

I just woke up a few minutes ago.


Nancy laughed wholeheartedly.

I'm sure Donna understands what we want him to do.

Who'll eat the rest?

I really need to talk to someone.

I just do what I'm told.

The women's hats are expensive.

The church's publication of a rant against same-sex marriage was clearly a clerical error.

At night, I put my bell pepper plants at the open window, so they can harden off a bit before I plant them outside, cause now they still have such thin stems.

Raghu has a large family to support.


Is there anything you want to tell me, Shel?


Feck off.


We have staff meetings on Monday.

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The players marched triumphantly across the field.

She's a wonderful girl.

Well, then, let's talk it over.

Without water, the flowers die.

Christina signed a three-year contract.

Yvonne forged his mother's signature.

It's just that we eat it every day, and we'll end up getting sick of it. I need to get more variety into my cooking.

Do we have to be nice to him?

What did Thomas Edison invent?

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Stagger always trusts people, even people he shouldn't.

A teacher should never laugh at his students' mistakes.

Do you think they'll find him?

Exporting is a commercial activity which transcends borders.

Japan guaranteed a 2 billion yen aid package to developing countries.


I am dozing.

There's a garden in front of our house.

The Seine flows through central part of Paris Basin.

Swing music was a new form of jazz.

Stay put for now.


Ants work hard all summer.

I like you just the way you are.

I won't tolerate it.

What are you asking for?

Do you love him?

"Are you a model or an actor?" "No, I'm just a student."

Raul sprang to his feet.


Charley needs to follow my advice.


Marek and I have something to do this afternoon.

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I've got to earn my own living.

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Make it short.


Hume asked Alexis who she was looking for.


I bought a new guitar today.

Criminals should be punished.

He negotiated a free trade agreement with Canada.

Louis isn't very likely to be here on time.

Rebecca looks a little awkward.

Such a proposal would only be turned down immediately.

Joni said you were too busy to talk to us.

You better not do that. I know where your parents live.

I knew it would be like this.

I wrapped myself in a towel.

I want you to follow her.

Yea, that's all it is.

That's really impressive.


Sergei didn't notice that John was flirting with him.


My rich neighbors belong to a private golf club.

No one had ever thought of selling ice before.

For the sake of children in need, we cooperated to collect donations.


John is sure to succeed his father in the company.


Nathaniel has his own room.

Aren't you glad you didn't have to go to Boston?

My wife is a doctor.

I have one more.

Good thinking!

You'll have it in June? 'June bride' has a nice ring, doesn't it?

Al's jokes are hilarious and get even better after he's had a few beers.


How did Jarvis miss this?

"May I awaken within the dream and grasp the fact that I am dreaming so that all dream-like beings may likewise awaken from the nightmare of illusory suffering and confusion." --Tibetan prayer

The oligarchic character of the modern English commonwealth does not rest, like many oligarchies, on the cruelty of the rich to the poor. It does not even rest on the kindness of the rich to the poor. It rests on the perennial and unfailing kindness of the poor to the rich.

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The train arrived late because of the snowstorm.

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Gideon is much heavier than Kerri.

The birth rate has been decreasing recently.

I waited all day, but Suu never came.


Patricia's got it all written down somewhere.

A fat cat with a hat on, sat on a mat, dreaming to catch a rat or a bat.

Why do you want it?

There are a lot of breweries in Bavaria.

A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.

I'm thinking of taking you to see Mr Jenkins.

You must not discuss this matter with anyone.

The car has a new engine.

A violinist I know says that he owns a Stradivarius.

It is rude to interrupt others.

I'll choose duck today.

No, Sridhar, that's too dangerous!

You're in love.

Have you listened to this song?

You're foolish to think you can defy me.

Mason slept much longer than he had planned to.

She lost her money, her family, her friends.

How much is Clark's estate worth?

I didn't think my day could get any worse.

She is curious to learn new things.

Focus on the present moment.


The population of this country is smaller than that of the United States.

Why is insurance so important?

You should persist in your efforts to learn English.

Once a month, I go to the hairdresser.

You're not young.

Why are you talking so funny?

Where is the police station?


Arlene yanked the door open.

Saify bought a drone.

Stagger wasn't able to blow out all the candles on the cake.

It wasn't a burglary.

Hilda is really sorry.


Don't hinder me in my work.


Masanobu didn't want to put on weight.

Not a soul was to be seen in the street.

What's a good treatment for insomnia?

He runs faster than I.

I don't like this quiet necktie. Please show me a more colourful one.

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Did you really see Roberta kissing Joseph?

I love to eat yakitori.

Tomas is pregnant, can't you tell?


Maybe someone made them do it.


I may win by some chance.

I'd like to play a game of ping-pong.

Many goods are transported at midnight by truck.

They are immune against attacks.

I want to live in Tampa.


What books have you read in English?

Christophe washed himself.

For my birthday he gave me a broom and told me to get myself to work.

Florian was truthful, I think.

I'm probably going to be busy soon.

Turkeer bought some vegetables at a roadside stand.

She asked him to leave and take all his belongings.

I look forward to reading your new novel.

A budget is a plan or schedule adjusting expenses during a certain period to the estimated or fixed income for that period.

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Whoever said so, it is false.

He is ready to join us under one condition.

Ah, so that's it!

He realized the magnitude of his crime.

What are these tablets?

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I've got it right here.

A topless feminist was arrested outside the Vatican.

Are you going to be able to do this without any help?


I've been on edge all day.


Everything Bush does is right.

How many eggs should I use for an omelet for five people?

A miracle among others