What do you think I was doing?

I'm not wild about him.

I cleared the table.

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His successors slowly undid his popular economic reforms.

Why did you tell them first?

Everyone's standing.

I thought Konstantinos would appreciate the gift from Nathaniel.

He failed to apologize for betraying our trust.

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Who fired the gun?


Potatoes give me wind.


We'll talk about that over supper.

Glynn didn't tell anyone where he'd hid the diamonds.

The race is tomorrow.


The incidence of people travelling on fake or stolen passports is not as rare as people would like to think.

We're talking about something else.

I'll keep on trying.


It's finished.

Study the next chapter.

We were at the movie theater yesterday.

There's a lot of traffic.

Bart wasn't told why Oliver wasn't allowed to see him.

Miriamne might know how to play the bassoon.

Maybe we'll be working together.

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What do you want from him?

Why do you want to work here?

Nora tried to make amends by giving back all the money he had stolen.

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She's starting to annoy me.

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Maybe I've been misinformed.

Your house is three times as big as mine.

For whom have you brought the bone?

He asked me the name of Elaine's father.

Ron doesn't like the way Marilyn treats John.

You do me wrong.

It isn't your decision.

Bob turned right when he should've turned left.

Using English with him, I feel that we are both at different levels, at least from a linguistic point of view.

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Who's screaming?

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This year's harvest will fall short of last year.

They're friends of yours, aren't they?

Signal lamps are used to transmit Morse code.

Clifford didn't have to raise his voice.

How much are you taking?

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There was no one there but Ted.

Maybe I can help you.

We're going to see him.

I want you to stay here with her.

I don't believe Wayne.

My sister can play the guitar very well.

What's that you're working on?

Anything is possible.

Darci is already dressed for work.

This man asked for more.

You were supposed to be there by 2:30.


It's unusual.


I love to learn new things.


"The answer's a lemon." "Why?" "Suck it and see."


I like it already, thank you very much.

Your letter didn't reach me until today.

We only have one son.

"Are you going to Brandon's party?" "I'm still not sure."

Find out what Major knows.

Why were you asking me all those questions about Jones?

Jesus Christ is my Savior.

What if you lost your life in Iraq?

I guess I'm not really sure.

And then everyone started dancing.

You're late again.


You'll find it impossible to live there.

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I took my temperature every six hours.

You must stay in your seat.

I told them to do that.

No matter how sleepy you are, brush your teeth.

I'm very glad I got to know you.

A big tear rolled down my cheek.

It makes me furious.

Are you one of Bjorne's students?

Bruno doesn't often do that.

I'm going to play tennis tomorrow.

You don't have to do this if you don't want to.

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The tornado is getting bigger and bigger.

Robot technology advanced to the point where biological, organic parts became essential components.

Richard said his mother was ill, which is a lie.

What was the problem?

The large siheyuans of these high-ranking officials and wealthy merchants often featured beautifully carved and painted roof beams and pillars and carefully landscaped gardens.

It is impossible for you to jump two meters high.

Business is booming.


I want you to be a bridesmaid.

We're the same age.

I can not stand that kind of silly music.


They also teach that, for great sins, they cannot receive forgiveness unless they confess to their leader.

Photography is writing with light.

She died of tuberculosis.


Everyone is free to go.

I'd rather go hungry than eat this.

You've made them angry.

I believe people in Boston will help.

The factory is keyed to produce men's wear.

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I spent the whole week alone, and I longed for conversation.


God and the devil are really super.

I'd like to believe only good things about her, but her behaviour is really rude indeed.

Mrs. Ionescu, I'd like to ask you something.

I've never met a man as stupid as you.

Humans can't live on Mars.


The LDP brought out a bill to raise taxes, but they met with such violent opposition that they backed down.

Earth is surrounded by sea water but if rain fails people will starve.

Rick knew Conrad had kissed John.

I know those women.

Darci forgot to buy milk.

The policemen fired at the car's tires.

He read this poem only once, he can't know it by heart.

I loved watching you dance.

Oscar stayed in bed all day watching TV.

The book costs 4 dollars.

You are dismissed.


Page scored a goal!


I've always thought you weren't very smart.

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After a brief break, he resumed his work.

Edith is now working for a secret service agency. However, he can't say which one, because that must remain a secret.

I assumed you were busy.

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Would you like us to give you a lift?

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Jamie uncorked the bottle.

I can't quite believe that just happened.

Why are you so mean to me?

Sorrel tried to run away.

I would rather live alone in the country.

This isn't the first time Patrice has broken a bone.

You're being unfair.


I asked Pradeep not to post my picture on his website.

Well, it seems he's paid off his debts, but how on Earth did he arrange that amount of money?

I think Lynne was as surprised as I was.


The Dodgers and Giants, traditional rivals, arrived together.

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I hope Julia does the same thing.

His memory amazes me.

Jane has got it.

You're staying with them, right?

I slept on the bus.

This dictionary is mine.

No one has the right to treat you like this.


We have lived in this town for five years.

We've got a lot of stuff left to do.

Did Roland do what you asked him to do?

How long will this cold weather go on?

He never fully recovered from his injuries.

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I can't believe they slept together!

That happened only a few days ago.

There are a few books in the bag.

You told her yes, I hope.

She looked up at the sky.

We don't require assistance at this time.

He's rich, but he's not happy.


This is not the end of the world.

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We're not worried about that at all.

She is not in the least surprised.

You should read Shakespeare's sonnets.


They unanimously concluded that he had violated the rules of an unfair imitation and good business practices in the marketing law.

I was forced to resign.

The number of murders is increasing even in a country like Japan.

I invited you to the party.

A firewall will guarantee Internet security.

The thing is, I don't really want to.

He may come tomorrow afternoon.