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Business should not be so hard

Business Shouldn't Be So Hard

Simplify your day job!

Even the cloud-based solutions are complex. Some of our Apps require zero setup - you can add information as you need it (e.g. Easy Interviews). Other Apps, such as those requiring the management hierarchy and departments (e.g. Quick Feedback) accept a simple file upload.

Remove Your Headaches

Our Apps solve key problems where others don't!

We can help enforce a structured interview process, guide new employees with 30-60-90 day plans, improve a struggling employee's performance. Use our platform to reduce turnover, improve productivity and make compliance easy. Our Apps make the "right way" the "easy way" to collaborate with employees.

Remove Headaches


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Benefits and Features

Employee Files
Employee Files Content is collected across Apps

Interviews, Manager Feedback, Innovations, Training Certifications, etc.

Sharable Content
Company/Organization Drive Shareable Organization Content

Documents and data available to Employees for use in Apps. e.g. Company Overview to share with Canidates, Logos to include in emails, etc.

No Installation
No Installation Easy To Get Started

No coding or I/T involvement necessary.

Custom Apps
Custom Apps Service-Centric Design

Our platform was designed as a set of services which are easily assembled into applications. This makes custom applications possible.

Our Subscriptions

Per-App Price
$49 /month
  • Under 25 Employees
  • For small companies like us!
  • Unlimited Support
Per-App Price
$99 /month
  • 25 to 1000 Employees
  • Input File Assistance*
  • Unlimited Support
Per-App Price
$299 /month
  • Over 1000 Employees
  • Input File Assistance
  • Unlimited Support

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