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Are we mad squirrels?

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I stayed so he wouldn't feel lonely.

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I thought Teresa did a great job.

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She doesn't want to live there ever again.

They remained good friends.

Rhonda still isn't so busy.

The ATM swallowed my card.

Hugs for the children from all of us.

Floria could get arrested.

He is much older than Ken.

Does Brendan have fire insurance?

Andy looks as though he's about to cry.


The divers found a wreck on the sea-bed.

A coward dies a thousand times before his death. The valiant never taste of death but once.

Nobody is going to tear down this house.

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You wouldn't believe it.


You don't seem to get it, Marsha.


Have you spent much time in Boston?

Caleb looked pretty freaked.

I often call, but seldom write a letter.

I don't want to talk about the weather.

Wendy told me he was thirty.

Copernicus believed the Earth and other planets moved around the Sun.

I'm alone with Stefan.


I agree with Shannon on this issue.


I need to travel.

Show it to me on the map.

This food's not nourishing enough.

Phppt! That's what you get for laughing at a girl!

That's why I'm not getting married.

The strike lasted three days.

There is no possibility of our finding him.


Do you mind if I join in?

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Let's not fight.


Silence prevailed along the funeral route.

Everybody still has a chance.

Can anyone help?

I'm in the middle of something.

As far as I know, he's a kind man.


Meet me here again next Monday afternoon at 2:30.

I want to be a film star.

I've put on weight recently.

In hotels, it's customary to install wall-to-wall carpeting.

It was very nice seeing you again.


Daniel Day-Lewis is a multiple Academy-Award winner.

You're the same age as my girlfriend.

I think that might be a good idea.

The branches gave but did not break.

I don't mean to say that I hate to see people enjoying themselves. But I hate holidays, nevertheless, because to me they are always the dreariest and saddest days of the year.


The tiger escaped from the zoo.

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That's what he told me.


Frank Sinatra was an American singer.


I don't want to dredge up the past.

Russell is the one who painted this picture.

The lust denies the need.

To drive a car, you need a license.

Marc could be wrong about this.

Do we really have to do that?

Here are the rules.


Open the faucet and see if the hot water's back.

Are your friends Portuguese or Brazilian?

Erwin purchased an antique rug.

Donna must be proud.

Her face was soaked with tears.


I don't like to study languages.

We went on a picnic at the lake.

You need to know.


Why don't you get drunk to forget?

How do you say "blog" in Latin?

He closed carefully the front door.

There will be many restrictions.

I was at home asleep.

"Do you think Loukas is offended because we didn't invite her?" "She probably isn't unhappy because she has so much to do."

I like Dave because he is very kind.

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How did he solve the problem?


I thought you were right.


We met earlier.

Roxana says that he needs to clear his mind and relax after a stressful day at work.

I will spend next Sunday reading novels.

Skip calls me almost every day.

This bag won't do for traveling abroad.


The future and the past are alike.

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You're incompetent.

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This is the room he rushed into.

Sundar was obviously discouraged.

It hurt me deeply.


I'm taller than he is.


Your replacement has already been picked.

Ethiopia is called "Ityop'ia" in Amharic.

The boy is the same age as my brother.

You're the best singer I know.

So, Jisheng, are you doing anything tonight?


Jesus is no hero.

Matthew abandoned his wife and joined the army.

The faster, the better.


You need to get over it.


What would you do if the world were to come to an end tomorrow?

He's my best friend. We're like brothers.

It is not too much to say that time once lost can never be recovered.

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You need a car if you live in the suburbs.

She couldn't keep from crying.

I warmed myself at the fire.


Please add a full stop at the end of your sentence.

Are all of your grandparents still living?

It's funny you should mention that.


Is Herman home?


You'll never be able to keep it a secret.

Aimee was fired in 2013.

We have a houseful of guests.

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He goes to sleep with the lights left on.

You're in big trouble now.

Where can Elsa be?

Tolerant put the butter back into the refrigerator.

I have a couple of friends who used to live in Boston.

He can't run very fast.

You're not the one who died.

Give me your watch.

They're lucky to be alive.

What are you doing staring at my girlfriend like that?

Part of her treatment required that she undergo radiation therapy.

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Nou lost his way in the woods.

We were talking.

We tricked her.

The sun makes the earth warm and light.

I really appreciate your willingness to testify.

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I will never translate something for free.


Rusty wanted to make a mix CD of music for Gabriel, but all he had were DVD blanks.

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My shoes need to be resoled.

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She fried fish in salad oil.


At first I didn't understand what she was saying.


Give Eric your seat.


How about a match between the English and the others?


Let's wait for the rain to end!

I haven't seen Joachim today.

We need them.

Did you buy a washing machine?

The Kaiser asked Theodore Roosevelt to intervene.

Do you think it'll be possible for you come over and help us this weekend?

Sit down over there.


My conjunctivitis is chronic.

When did he come here?

Sunday is the day when people go to church.


I'm sorry. I should have asked first.


I know a few words of French, just enough to be understood.

You can hardly expect me to help you.

A good horse knows its rider.

Floyd and Miles are staying.

These are beautiful.


They became inseparable after that party.