Are you finished for the day?

I think Maria is compassionate.

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Do you love me?

He keeps a diary.

Clean the dust off the shelf.


I did it many times.

Charleen was as drunk as a skunk that last time I saw him.

I'll stay with Judy until you get back.

I don't want to play tennis this afternoon.

Lynnette wants to buy a drone.

Noboby seems to care about my problem.

Angela transferred to Harvard.

I would offer you a coffee if you had the time.

I've troubled you!

I was encouraged by his words.

I was on my way to school.

She's away for the weekend.

I'll shoot.


You don't get up as early as your older sister, do you?

He can't accommodate himself to his circumstances.

Do you know Liza Jackson?

He's shit-faced drunk.

This school has a zero-tolerance policy.


I can be very persuasive.

Maya the Bee isn't a Polish cartoon, you know that? It was written in Germany, animated in Japan, and was translated into the Polish language.

It's not shameful to be silent when you have nothing to say.

You never know what life may throw your way.

Did you find what you were looking for?

Let me add water.

What do you think about reggae?

She killed an hour looking around the stores.

Although I was tired, I did my very best.


I've never told anyone that before.

Take a little more time.

I like to prepare the table.

"Did you see my cat?" "No." "Liar, you're still chewing!"

I've got nothing.


Vernon just finished cleaning his room.

After asking for my key at the front desk, I took the elevator to my floor.

Mohammad doesn't think that Betsy did all her homework by herself.

I'm going to go take a shower.

Be happy for me.

Do you want to tell me what this is?

There is no book on the table.

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She has a VIP pass.

It did take some getting used to.

Maarten saw something in the distance.

He walked in front of me.

What do you mean you're going to Boston?

She spends a lot of money on clothes.

It's not exactly a hot spot, it's more of a dive bar.

The atomic bomb is a grave threat to mankind.

Jarl seems to be depressed.

Bea hasn't bought his ticket yet.

Opera in English is, in the main, just about as sensible as baseball in Italian.


Think walked into the store.

We grind wheat into flour.

The tea costs two euros.

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She works in a bank.


My sister works as an assistant to a college professor.

You should be with me.

I'm really tired and want to go to bed early.

Mr White called his assistant over and said the following:

I'd like breakfast in my room at 8 sharp.

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That wasn't enough.

The water tank teems with mosquito larvae.

Miss Baker knew that the young man would have to leave very soon, so she decided to ask him to move his car a bit, so that she could park hers in the proper place for the night before going to bed.


My father didn't allow me to study in the USA.

Christophe lost everything.

I hope you know that, Willie.


Let's call him.


Would you be willing to do me a favor?

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Sharada can run very fast.

Can a two-year-old boy run that fast?

Meg is excited.


Almost everyone I know wants to go to tomorrow's concert.

Each individual paid 7000 dollars.

The boss of the company, who is a woman, seems shameless.

Keep calm and be mature!

The politician said that he had paid all his taxes and done nothing illegal.

Somebody has to take the blame.

Chris injured his leg playing tennis and is in a lot of pain.

You are out of danger.

It just doesn't feel right.

Laurie drank the water.

You may stay here if you like, so long as you keep quiet.


How often do you like to go to the beach?

Everything's ready to go.

The captain told us to get off the ship.

Amir showed Rathnakumar a picture.

I don't have any allergies.

He wants to squish the bug.

I found my father's diary that he kept for 30 years.

Can I have your autograph?

Luis pulled the darts out of the board.

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The only person here that Rebecca knows is Masanao.

Mason's parents believed him.

Thanks for this useful information.

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I mentioned it to them.

Could Vicki have been there?

Just shut up for a minute, and I'll explain what happened.


That might be different.

His diary was a kind of list of events, though he commented at length once in a while.

Vaughn and I enjoy spending time together.

We don't have enough information yet to make a decision.

Have you asked if they want one?


Most of the work has to be done by hand.

The white shark frequently attains, in the tropical seas, the length of more than 30 feet.

The dog is brown, small, and thin.

Stewart gave the flashlight to Nikolai.

My thanks in advance for not opening the windows.

An interfering old bag didn't keep her mouth shut.

We are all meant to do good things.

The professor ordered some new books from New York.

Now, I've lost all my patience.


I walk every day.


We must talk.

Pamela is xenophobic.

I can't take that risk.

He suddenly appeared after a three-year absence.

He believed her assertion to be simply impossible and assented to the proposal.

Come alone.

The price doesn't matter.

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We will settle once for all who is the best.


Much of London was destroyed in the seventeenth century.


I don't like the idea of Bill going out with Gale.


Remove battery from smoke detector.

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This method is slow but sure.

I assumed Thomas understood what we were talking about.

Trevor had to be at his office all day.

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Naim did a terrific job.

That's unreal.

I still don't know what I'm going to say.

Do you have lovers?

This sentence actually comes from Spanish.

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Gum got stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

3-D movies are old hat.

I don't know what the time is.

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Wendi's car was hit by a truck.

The new school building is expected to be completed by spring next year.

That's not important for you to know.

Let's hope there's no more vandalism.

Tyler said you were too busy to talk to us.


Fatigue follows a flight to Europe.

The situation got out of their control.

You never told me you were a doctor.

I don't feel like cooking tonight.

The contract expired on Monday.

Do you have any books to read?

I don't recognize any of the people in the picture.

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Every burned book enlightens the world.

You must think I'm a creep.

He probably won't come.

As Beth wiped tears from her face, she rushed home.

Hey John, how's it going?

Winning is never easy.

This is a world where the sun doesn't shine.

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"Father, I know what you did in Gamelon." "What?" "Stop acting like you don't know, you dumbshit!" "I, uh..." "You better talk fast or I'll beat you up!" "Screw you!"

Last night was very hot and muggy and I didn't sleep very well.

You have a right to be happy.

I prefer walking to driving in a big city like Tokyo.

This doesn't happen every day.


I want to become smarter.

It certainly feels smooth when you run the shaver over your skin.

I can't let you in there.