Go and help them, Bud.

I eat breakfast here normally.

Leo has done a very good job.

I'm in the city.


What's your plan for the day?

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Woody is really good at it.

You might be surprised.

Can that really be coincidence?

I didn't think Kurt was really paying attention.

The temperature is above freezing today.

A few days after new moon, we see a thin crescent in the western evening sky. The crescent Moon waxes, or appears to grow fatter, each night.

It was because he was sick that he decided to return home.

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Rafael came to save me.

I've never done anything to you.

Gerald will find somebody.

It might be possible to contact Kristin.

She arrived too early.

Allan found a good job.

I used to play tennis in high school.

There shouldn't be anyone here.

I owe you a breakfast.

We have some encouraging news.

She let the dog out.


They surrendered their guns and horses.

It's quite strong.

Wherever you say.


Before going back to work, I decided to rest a little.

She liked him much better than the other two kittens.

Click: Quickly pushing the mouse's left hand side button once.

I want to know where you've been.

She laid down the gun on the floor.


Everyone was dressed in black.

Andy couldn't convince Ssi that she was wrong.

I often watch night games on TV.


You'll have to learn to cook.


I got detained at the airport.

Felix won't survive three years in prison.

The refugees felt safe in their new country.

How would you do it?

Pam doesn't use the word "drive", however.


The key to raising every soldier into a great warrior is in strengthening training.


It is just an act.


First, you must last.


I don't feel like dealing with Claude right now.

His opinion is quite just.

It rained all day long yesterday, so I stayed home.

He stuck his head in the sand like an ostrich.

Ro used to mow lawns as a part time job.

He won't leave me alone.

Stacey got up late.


There are so many interesting things going on.

Have you brought the book?

Valentin would like nothing more than to leave.

Have you shown Spock the new book you bought?

You must read between the lines.

I want to thank you for coming here today.

What color is the bird?

Who fears war should bring about peace.

You'll never get away with it.

Someone is calling for help.

Would it bother you if I smoke?

Do you think Tanaka is planning to help us?

Psychology, which studies the human mind and human behavior, builds knowledge by observation and experiments.

The actress is learning her lines.

Bradley left it.

I'm sure Loukas is wrong.

Ted's body will be cremated.

Judy was almost run over by a dump truck.

There's no mistaking about that.

I give you a book.

I do not want to waste the best years of my life for you.

Mine's bigger than yours.

Isn't that odd?

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Seen close-up, things have a way of showing their defects, their innate ugliness.

Why do camels hate horses?

I met an old friend a short time ago.

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I put the receiver to my ear.

Our eyes sense light.

I enjoyed her unexpected visit.

Nguyen took over the business after his father's death.

At some point the United States will elect a female president, and it won't be a pretty sight.


The gold cup was given to the winner of the final match.

Are you leaving today?

Try to make the most of every opportunity.


My mind is made up.

Hearing his voice, I turned around.

Don't you worry about Ricardo?


Cliff told me I needed to take better care of myself.

I guess both of us were lying.

Some people are anxious to invent convenient things.

Which brother did you see?

I couldn't keep her away.

I'm in my fourth month.

The holidays are coming.


The rain is getting you down, isn't it?


Look away for a minute! I'm going to quickly change my clothes.


What do suggest instead?


You've got to get a steady job.

Where did you pick up your French?

He failed in the examination for lack of preparation.

All you do is complain!

Christophe has to have an operation on his back.

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Show business is really glamorous.

We do not know what she did at the party.

I don't want to be afraid of Naim anymore.

If it happened to Annard, it could happen to me.

I can seldom find time for reading.

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She said her name was Alison.


It was really weird.

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Their late arrival was owing to the rain.


He fulfilled his obligation.


Tell me I did the right thing.

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As a man lives, so shall he die.

There is so much pollution in New York that joggers often wear masks when running.

It isn't surprising that Africans may think of English as one of their continent's languages.

You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

Why are you sleeping in a place like this?

Tell her what you want to do.

When I was a child, I would spend hours reading alone in my room.

Ritalynne and Ralf celebrate Christmas together every year.

He has little appetite for lack of exercise.

The flower you picked from the garden is very ugly.

Please answer my question.


What direction does your house face?

Don't worry about it. It's not your problem.

Rathnakumar doesn't like basketball much, but he really likes volleyball a lot.

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Takeuchi didn't have to yell at me.

I get off work around midnight.

I don't want a birthday party this year.

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She passed the entrance examination to the girl's high school.

We had a great conversation.

I have to organize my schedule before the end of the month.

Krzysztof bought presents for his children.

He escaped from prison by climbing over a wall.

I've wanted this CD player for a long time.

Three have been convicted.


How many people are in this room?

I don't think married people should have secrets from each other.

Have your paper on my desk by Tuesday.

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Just sit over there with the others.

She talks about everything with her parents.

The judge thought that the witness's evidence was disingenuous and unconvincing.


More than 70 percent of the inhabitants are in favor of the program.


Why must I suffer?

I nearly starved.

This machine is environmentally friendly.

I have to park my car here.

He gently laid a hand on her shoulder.


I've known Sangho since high school.

It's a difficult matter.

Travis was excused from work yesterday because he was sick.

I hope it's nothing serious.

Mac said that he and Penny can't come to our party.

During the last Ice Age, so much water was trapped in icy glaciers that the sea level dropped by as much as 120 meters.

We haven't found the lost cat yet.

She claims that she knows nothing about him.

Scot calls me all the time.

The house was as dark as dark.

They wanted to sign the agreement first.


Who put you in charge?

You need to be careful.

Ethel blushed harder, and stopped smiling.