I want to be a teacher when I grow up.

Call me as soon as you get to your hotel.

My father is a teacher of the English language.

What's the dealio?

I don't want to throw that away.

Heinrich started his car and drove away.

Don't forget to put on some sunscreen.

My brother has a dog.


The tree is burning.

Nobody noticed that the picture was hung upside down.

Would you recognize Wilmer?

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Spacesuits protect astronauts from being injured from impacts of small bits of space dust.

I wonder how it is when the web server uses cookies?

I went back to my village during the summer vacation.


Ramesh has no intention of helping us.

Who will pay the wall?

Columbus discovered America in 1492.

Their loss is our gain.

The United States of America export wheat throughout the world.

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They came to the conclusion that the ship must have sunk.

The cruise for M.I.T. alumni was called "A Ship of Tools."

I'm just a hindrance.

Would you like to have your hair washed?

The desk has three drawers.


How much longer will it be until we get there?


I can't stand listening to loud music.

Grace was puzzled by what Cole said.

Hiroyuki ran up the hill.

I was caught in a shower on my way to the station.

I'm in a little hot water right now.

I promised my parents I would visit them at least once every three months.

If I'd wanted to go, I would've said so.


I think Cole's record speaks for itself.

Norbert didn't get to school in time.

Generally speaking, the Japanese are hard workers.


He served in the navy.

She looks very happy.

Paul doesn't speak Portuguese well.

We opposed his plan to build a new road.

Never go anywhere alone.

I'll tell her right now.

The battery of my cellphone doesn't function anymore.


Oskar is my student.

You don't have to play outside in the biting wind.

The pen I lost yesterday was new.

He looks unhappy.

Panacea has an amazing memory.


This material is ruined.

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We have several options.

The cathedral dominates the view of the city.

The roof was leaking.

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Call Jess immediately.

You don't even know them.

What's the main purpose of this plan?

Let's find out more about her.

Both are great bands.

I want to stretch my legs.

You'd better leave it.

Brodie skipped the conference last year as well.

No one's going to buy your story.

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He would often sit for hours without doing anything.

I could not catch as many fish as I had expected.

Granville wasn't always this way.

One explains the other.

Say no to hatred and violence.

He is conservative in his habits.

We dreamed of Santa Claus, or if we awoke in the night, we listened for the jingling of his sleigh-bells.

Don't have a house, have a neighbour.

I guess they really weren't so happy.

I told you I didn't want to go to Boston.

I promise I'll be quiet.


It's quite likely that Cristi won't come.


It was competitive.

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One of the dogs started barking.

There's nothing that can be done about his feeling sorry for her.

Sally lowered his voice.


May you win!

If he had been a little more careful, the accident would have been avoided.

None of us actually saw it happen.

This water isn't fit to drink.

Fay went to Leila's house to help her.

Baseball is said to have been invented in Cooperstown in 1839.

I am most grateful to you for such an enjoyable evening.

We needed to have fun.

Even after sunset there was little moderation in the temperature.

She has little knowledge of science.

Do you think I might win?

It's because I missed my usual train.

I know someone needs to tell Roberta about Luis's death. Does it have to be me?

My wife had a baby last week.

I would like if this didn't happen.

He often leaves his umbrella behind absent-mindedly.

What's Archie doing in there?

Is Starbuck really a nice guy?

Don't ignore the signs you asked God to show you.

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And I know you didn't do this just to win an election. And I know you didn't do it for me. You did it because you understand the enormity of the task that lies ahead. For even as we celebrate tonight, we know the challenges that tomorrow will bring are the greatest of our lifetime: two wars, a planet in peril, the worst financial crisis in a century.

What's that building behind the hospital?

It's been my lifelong dream to publish a book.

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Teresa coughed all night.

Not everyone is worried.

He didn't need to bring an umbrella.

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Who wants to join the special forces?


I know Benjamin would've liked that.

Tahsin is shy and cowardly.

Neil has been out of work for three months.

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Karl isn't studying French any longer.


Don't pull my sleeve.

I'll help you up.

Lum needs to get a steady job.


I don't think Tai can hear us.

We should do our best to make things different.

I want to go to New York.


His son cannot so much as write his own name.


Haa! (The) tears are so funny!

Joanne is the teacher.

We're about to meet them.

This is a socio-linguistic study on Steven Emmet.

The whole government has resigned.

If you knew what I knew, you wouldn't be so complacent.

Anita is the one I saw.

I really like your paintings.

I've only had one girlfriend.


How did the new president deal with the problem?

It doesn't seem very fair to treat him like this.

You might just see Ed, too.


I'm afraid you're mistaken.

The dog sleeps.

Watch Carole for a moment, will you?

I am afraid I'll be a burden to you.

He persecuted people for their religion.


He used a fake I.D.

I don't eat poultry.

Unfortunately, I can't accept your invitation.

I heard screaming in the next room.

Nothing else really matters.

Food prices are at their highest level since the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization began keeping records in 1990.

That could be helpful.


It's too late to vote now. The polls are closed!


We can't fish there anymore.

He didn't use to be like that.

They weren't strong enough to help us.

Something awful happened to me.

He did it in only a fraction of a second.

Something strange is going on.

Why not come and have supper with us tonight?


Manjeri wanted Kevyn to teach him how to swim.

My advice would be to get some sleep now and finish this tomorrow.

She looked at me and said "Hi!"

What's your favorite class this year?

I believe we have a serious situation.

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I believe I owe you an apology.

"'E' is not a Spanish word." "Yes, it is. You're mistaken."

We sat talking about the remote past.

They vacationed together.

Do you any idea what this might be?

Kit was hurt bad.

Don't take my words ill.

I admire your bravery.

Our money ran out.


Shel asked me if I found what I was looking for.

Magic and monsters are products of the imagination.

The teacher encouraged the students with praise.

She went horse-riding this morning.

I really tried.

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There are always so many unwanted gifts in the house after Christmas.