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KPOST is the most advanced communication system ever created to simplify the task of data management. Beyond sending emails and messages, KPOST allows you to connect with others in multiple ways. Aided with its clutter-free data dissemination, KPOST gives excellent solutions for e-governance and e-learning.

  • Neatly Arranged Letters and Folders System.
  • Simplified Calls and Messaging Options.
  • Facility to make audio and video calls.
  • Storing and retrieving huge data without any difficulty.
  • Searching people or files made easy.
  • Availability of custom-built letterheads.
  • Chosen News & advertisements delivered to your Post Box.
  • All devices compliant and platform-independent technology

KPOST Features

Communication Redefined and Simplified!


Post Box enables to organize your letters. You can view, read and create a folder (if required) for all your incoming letters.


You can make a mobile call or IP call. Why just Audio, it’s also possible to make ‘video calls’ in both ways.


A simple messaging tool allows you to send SMS and Internet messages. Besides, you can also send documents, images and videos as open or closed attachment formats.


Keeping the countless number of your valuable documents is no longer a troublesome exercise. KPOST simplified it.

My Directory

To instantly get in touch with your KPOST contacts, you can open ‘My Directory’. It’s your personal directory of contacts.

KPOST Directory

In the chaotic Digital World, KPOST offers an intelligent solution to find our contacts with this Universal Directory.



KNEWS offers customized news to the users. The users can take only ‘what they want’ instead of ‘searching endlessly to locate their favourite news items’.

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Create your profiles, tell your ideas, Initiate debates and authorize others to comment on it. On an invitation, you too can comment on others page. A portal that intends to set the benchmark for the efficient social integration.

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You can subscribe what do you want to view and ‘unsubscribe’ what do you want to omit. KPOST provides a flexible way to the consumers.



Responsive & optimized for mobile devices.

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