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What is a Sifu?

The literal definition of Sifu is “Teacher-Father”.  A Sifu is more than a teacher,  he is a guide who is passing on the tradition and philosophy of the art as a way of life, not just the techniques themselves.

The Essence of Tai Chi

Sifu Welcoming

Our curriculum includes the cultivation of energy through Taoist meditation and qi gong, the silk reeling spiraling power of Chen Tai Chi Chuan, the coiling and circling movements of Dragon Ba Gua Zhang, the speed and patience of Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, and Chinese weapons training.

Master Paolillo guides the training for students at the Tao Institute based on his lifetime of experience studying, training and cultivating  in the internal arts.  He is a certified instructor (Sifu) of the Shantung Martial Arts of China and recipient of the “Educator of Kung Fu” award under his primary teacher, Grandmaster Poi Chan of Sha Cheng.

All of our training, from beginning through advanced, is based on Taoist principles while more advanced training will blend in

Sifu Paolillo's Tao style with the traditional forms that make up the foundation of beginning and intermediate training.

Sifu Paolillo was a guest on a recent Balanced Warrior Podcast.  Please check out the podcast below to hear what Sifu says about what internal training is, moving from stillness, the Taoist concept of doing without doing, the Yin Yang, the Taoist IChing, Developing his own style within the Tao, the style of no style, Transcending the fight and moving to formlessness, spiral power and silk reeling, finding the quiet mind, and morning routines.

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