"Open this door right now." "Go away!"

That's what's the matter.

He is said to have been very poor when he was young.


You're stronger than him.

I see that your apetite has returned.

What did you have this evening?


His lie got him into trouble when his boss discovered the truth.

Shakil was confused at first.

It is important to eliminate the social unrest.


Sometimes I don't understand biology.

Do you really want to go back to Boston?

Did Marika accept to come and live with you in Algeria?


She came to live with her aunt.

You have no respect for me.

We're speaking Turkmen.

Did Delbert come home last night?

Is love more important than friendship?

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Wounded bears are usually very dangerous.

What time does your plane depart?

My dad keeps a journal every day.


They must believe in something.

He is in his early twenties.

It feels pretty unfair.


It's impossible to translate this sentence without a dictionary.

My Japanese teacher used to use a song to help us remember verb conjugations. No one really sang along.

Close the hatch.


I cannot bear the pain any more.

Milo is a brave person.

I can carry that for you if you'd like me to.

Can I drive you home?

He tried again.

The one who wrote, read twice.

Does Bernard tell you everything?

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I've got no quarrel with you two.


This file has been compressed.


Where should I sit?

Strange noises keep coming from the receiver and won't stop.

It's all about technique.

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I'll get him to help you.

Answering that question is easy.

I am thinking about buying a new parasol.

Ravindranath was talking about me when I entered the room.

Pamela could understand what Clay was trying to say.

My wife remembered having been in the town before.

The cost of advertising has gone up.


The professor's speech was full of humor.

Darci was dressed in casual clothing.

Since Mario lied to me, I don't speak to him anymore.

He lived deranged of all the troubles of our family.

They heard wolves howling in the distance.


What's wrong? Why are you crying?

The sudden glare hurt his eyes.

I haven't gone anywhere in a long time.

He had a bad time.

Are you afraid of the truth?


Scarcely had the rain stopped before a rainbow appeared.

I'm reluctant to leave.

I'm going to study.

I wanted to know if you'd heard anything about what's going to be discussed at tomorrow's meeting.

The office is dark.

The top execs are gathering for a power breakfast.

That's the word for it.

His best friend ratted him out to the authorities.

The girl is doing homework.


He was all alone in the house.


Everyone here is afraid of them.

"How far are you going?" "I'm heading for Chicago."

We stayed at a farm house.

After I had planned everything I went on a trip.

Can you believe this stuff?

We're supposed to be helping Angela right now.

The pain is killing me.

I don't work well under pressure.

Pontus gave me a French dictionary.

Will you check the tires?

Most people like watching TV.


There is a stranger in the meeting room.

Kathleen is very particular about his food.

She recognized him immediately.


The papers got blown away.

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He has been ill for the past few days.

That was hysterical.

Roderick isn't going to be happy about this.

I thought it wasn't supposed to rain today.

I have no intention of going to your wedding.

I was up all night getting harassed.

Do you remember that day?

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The area is notable for its scenery and wildlife.

Facebook has a lot of data about you.

They fired Sue.

I need a doctor!

Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia.

It is difficult to find work.

In order to get me to believe in something supernatural, you need to provide me with unequivocal proof of its existence.

Jianyun looks unfriendly, but she is really very kind at heart.

Even I myself was surprised.

Kristin asked Nici to leave.

We have to avoid a conflict as far as possible.


What the heck was that supposed to mean?


I changed the arrangement of the furniture in my room.

Was Kenton in on it?

Your success depends upon whether you work hard or not.

I look upon him as a fool.

We don't want them to get hurt.


The next verse is even more touching.


Who did you go to the dance with?

He cannot walk, let alone run.

Pablo didn't know what to do with the extra food.

Rafik was pretty young at the time.

When to start is the main problem.

I am from Turkey.

Don't hesitate to ask for information.


The medical congress was held in Kyoto.

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Do you have an airplane ticket back home?

Is he afraid of death?

This is what I need.


What's more, from now on you must remember that you cannot go to the seaside again (by believing this forever, I have already found the biggest, best and most fitting one for me).

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity.

The problem is his.

Listen, everybody!

Alvin lives quite close by.

A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on.

I want you to decide.

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Who could forget?

He touched my shoulder.

The cleaning staff is cleaning the men's bathroom.

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I saw a squirrel this morning.

If you want Cole's help, you'll have to ask him for it.

I need your address in order to send you a present.


Why won't you play with me?

Does he speak Hungarian too?

Where did you buy the ticket?

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When will Latin finally be buried as a dead tongue?


She has even teeth.

Frank left a message by means of a secret code.

A sling psychrometer is used to measure relative humidity.


I have another question.

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He is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

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You are still full of energy.


When she was back, she said you were playing truant and they wanted to throw you out of the school.

I wish you could come with us.

She says that she will come tomorrow.

Edmond is an architect, right?

You just made a big mistake.

Who tore this package open?

Colds are contagious.


We came here to buy a dress for our daughter.

Why buy a calculator if you already have one?

Dalton still doesn't understand.

You should not play on his generous nature.

Why did you tell Lea this was my idea?

He had ambition.

I don't give a damn about you and your circumstances!

Danny put his hand over his heart.

I'll move to Stockholm next week.

I get up at six in the morning.

Let me show you what I've got.

We must fuel the machine.

Jinny and Marc laughed.


We appreciate your coming.