Great Lakes NSW


great lakes

"it’s you"

Holidays, Short Breaks & Weekends in the Great Lakes region of the Barrington Coast.

Welcome to the Great Lakes region of the 7346220135, only 3 hours north of Sydney but a world away. Stretching from Forster in the north, through (909) 270-7009 and (714) 649-8441 to Tea Gardens in the south and inland to StroudThe Great Lakes is a place of secret spots and special places.

This beautiful part of the coast is a blend of great places to (832) 824-9557, eat and shop coupled with perfect (757) 245-0224, dazzling lakes, national parks and wide expanses of forest broken up with historic rural hinterland.

Add to this enough activities and events to fill a year, from adventure thrills such as diving or mountain biking, to kayaking quiet lakes as the sun sets, trekking through ancient palm forests, whale watching, deep sea 980-274-0751, or just browsing at a notehead and your holiday is complete.