Sentence is the word that begins and ends this sentence.

Mike could not keep up with his class.

Attention, please!

I think that Archie is hiding something.

I didn't let it get to me.

Ursule asked for a pay raise of 5 dollars and 65 cents an hour yesterday.


Why doesn't he help me anymore?

I'm sure King is exaggerating.

I make my bed almost every day.

I can help, if you want.

Is that the guitar you bought from Sarah?

I thought you liked it here.

Dan's virtually admitted that it was his fault.

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Yesterday night, I shared a cab with Paris Hilton.

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There's a price on his head.

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How long will it take me to get there by bus?


They usually have breakfast at half past seven o'clock and eat their lunch at twelve.


Why do you want to hurt me so much?


He was becoming forgetful, which bothered him a lot.

I spent all day with Helge.

He brought a chest, in which there were very valuable goods.

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Mr. Wilson is proud of his house.

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This isn't just a simple defeat: I lost the balance I kept my whole life and now absolutely everything collapses.

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You don't understand how fortunate the country you live in is.

He is enjoying his school life.

I'm going to get out of town.

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You should follow Kee's example.

She's my favorite singer.

Russia guarantied the sovereignty of Ukraine, and her borders, following the treaty of nineteen ninety-four, whereby Ukraine, in exchange, renounced her nuclear arsenal.


I never really was nervous.

Carisa shot Sharan in self-defense.

Somebody's got to talk to them.

I wake up late on Sundays, and I wake up early from Monday to Saturday.

It seems a waste of time to wait any longer.


There came a complete silence. You could hear a pin drop.

Rudolf isn't going to believe this.

Don't act like that.


The doctor was in a white gown over a blue suit.

Just tell me, how much does a ticket cost?

Would Raman help us if we asked?

Let's give him a little time.

The same is true of professional baseball.

It is such warm weather that the roses will bloom soon.

Where can I find her?

I couldn't kill you.

Hy tested the bath's temperature with his toe.


We have three objectives.

She is not such a girl as you imagine.

Florian doesn't run as fast as Bill.

And they lived happy forever.

With the sun shining bright, we should go for a swim.


Can you think of something better?

This is your waitress uniform.

I am poor at drawing.

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Yes, of course, you are right.

Today, I want to run on the beach.

This is the first sentence in the New_Tat_List. And it will be the last.


Does Nancy have to do her homework now?


Srinivasan probably knows that Vernon likes him.


Nothing is new under the sun.


I heard a noise behind me.

He remained silent, which made her still more angry.

Why not consider Manuel for the job?

That river is dangerous to swim in.

Are you really the one who did that?

That is long.

This is difficult for us.

I couldn't put up with his rudeness.

Did Blake give you something for me?

"I can't do everything you've asked me to do." "Then just do what you can."

We know that if we have this problem, then everybody else has this problem, too.

The Smiths are all good people.

We'll come back tomorrow.

Ms. White spoke slowly enough for me to catch her meaning.

He was dragged along by the current.

You were a fool.

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.


This building was put up in six months.

That looks pretty cool.

Why don't you take the rest of the day off?

To work!

The world rests on the back of a great turtle.

Cigarettes are dummies for adults.

Rajeev pulled a map out of the glove compartment.


I don't want you to change.


You do work a lot.

He is disinclined towards Christianity.

Clare had a feeling that Jem would be late.

We've got to tell everyone what happened out here.

How long did it take you to build your house?

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It's time to change that.

I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

I'm sort of an introvert.


We have to find out where Linda is.

Did you call 911?

I am touched by the girl's acute sensitivity.

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Instead of posting here, use Twitter.

Why don't we exchange LINE [info]?

Rafael doesn't usually eat breakfast.


Lindsay didn't know just what to say.


Pickpockets almost always work in groups.


Please ask Emil if he can spare another few minutes.

Violent words, no matter what their origin or motivation, can lead only to violent deeds.

Nothing prevents, when one has a wife, to have a mistress at the same time.

I don't see how that can be true.

Please say hello to your family.

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The car doesn't run fast.

What did Sonja say he was looking for?

We know that Sehyo has been shot. That's all we know.

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It is believed that ghosts exist in this forest.

It's too late to turn back now.

I'll ask Tricia to wait.

We suggest raising the fees.

Cool fall is here.

I know the area.

What is your philosophy?

Floyd clobbered Lawrence with a skillet.

Is your mom here?

I owe her money.

We're too vulnerable.

Donne was aware that everyone was looking at him.

No one I know buys CDs anymore.

Kee told Bernard he wanted to move to Boston.

I want her to see this.


Tait didn't even have the decency to acknowledge his mistake.

Do you want to go somewhere? Kathryn's coming, too.

Wanting things makes us happier than actually having them.

I need to have a talk with you.

Father used to tell us not to envy others.

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I think you should drive.

You are in grave danger.

Let Liber do that by himself.

Why are you calling the police?

Vladimir had cancer.

Please don't lie to me, Jacques.

I broke my leg skiing.

Please just make sure that doesn't happen.

Today's paper reports that the premier has given up the idea of visiting America.

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Val simply told the truth.


Isn't he a little young?

There's a serious split in the party.

I don't plan on being there.


I all but lost you in the crowd.

Could you please sharpen these pencils?

Parents need to set the rules around the house.

We have a desire to be wealthy.

In Esperanto, the main stress always falls on the second-to-last syllable.


I'm sore all over.

I would really like to learn more about your country.

My brother insisted on going there alone.

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This task was dead tedious.

What's your hurry, Rajiv?

Can I have a word, please?

I wonder why Jock was murdered.

You need to be there for Jeanette.

I'm always at your service.

The storm severely damaged the crops.

I don't like being asked to go shopping.

You just rest.

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Don't get us confused.