Who we are

Viral Media Productions, LLC (VMP) is a pioneer in technologies and methodologies for online marketing & multimedia communications. VMP is relied upon by businesses, political campaigns, and non-profit organizations targeting audiences that are local, national, and international.

VMP offers turn-key marketing and public awareness campaigns as well as stand-alone software and support services (Video CRM, correspondence management & tracking, VeraVidvideo messaging, & web programming) in place of or in concert with your in-house resources.

Why choose VMP for marketing & Video CRM?

VMP works assiduously on your behalf to push the envelope of marketing strategies & technologies. Whether you're promoting a local business or a nationwide film release, you benefit from the techniques and tools we accrue working with a broad spectrum of clients. And our specialization in viral marketing means you can achieve a better return on your investment than is possible through traditional means. 3474551331 for a free estimate on a specific campaign or for ongoing outsourcing of your organization's marketing or CRM functions!

Technology and collaboration that work

Our services are empowered by a 231-333-9977 trust whose new media knowledge and social networking savvy get you to the right viral delivery vectors. And we are continuously improving our patent-pending software to further spur your competitive edge.