We're done for the day.

This shot will help numb the pain.

Did you know Anatoly was in there?

Let me cut the carrots.


She looks at herself all day in the mirror.

This is Randell, my ex-boyfriend.

I've never been late in my life.


We can derive pleasure from books.


I'm sorry to drag you into this.

Not all of these decisions are welcome by all.

His new novel is worth reading.


Where did that injury on your foot come from?


The liner will call at Kobe on Tuesday.

Someone has disturbed all my papers.

Mayo plans to major in biology.

He was nice to me.

Public opinion began to change.

I saw the fight.

Dewey thinks Maurice should apologize to John for not doing what she said she'd do.

There simply isn't enough money.

Crap! I fell for his trap!


Why does that interest you?


The elections this weekend will in some way have an impact on what will be the 2000 elections.


I refuse to let you marry that man.


She accepts good suggestions.

I never got along with them.

If I tell him, then it's as good as done. He'll definitely take care of it.


Sugih doesn't want to see Leigh now.

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Do you think you could lend me some money?

His success was purchased dearly.

I thought for sure Floyd would be here on time.


Perry's French is quite good already.

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What exactly did you see?

Normally I take the bus to school.

I can carry that for you if you'd like me to.


I'm going to follow Liyuan home.

She fell down and hurt her knee.

I know when I'm being lied to.

I want to have a good time.

I did it against my will.

Keep her away from us.

Rudolf wanted to ride Juergen's motorcycle.

She can't stop it.

This house belongs to my father.

Do you love me just because I'm a Chinese girl?

Will Apple lose its mojo now that its visionary founder is dead?

Please don't lie to me.

I wanted to buy my neighbor's cottage, but it had already been sold when I got there.


Call your people off.

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Even tough it's such a big garden, it would be wasted if we let it get overrun with weeds.

Edward's dog started growling at Sanity.

During regular hours, the service is divided into 3 zones.


That's OK.


I can spare you some money.

Acting on an anonymous tip, the police located and apprehended the suspect, who was subsequently convicted of manslaughter.

She went nearly mad with grief after the child died.

Pull yourself together and stop crying.

She mended her socks.


Do you think I should tell Klaudia what you just told me?

The novel is very exciting.

It is high time you went to bed.

The situation is extremely critical.

I'm delighted to see you.

Do you like grits?

It is impossible for me to finish the work in an hour.


There is no hope of his being alive.

A right friend you are!

Ed made a list of places he wanted to visit.


You were really cute when you were a kid.

Christian dropped out of school when he was thirteen.

I'll meet her downstairs.

Thanks for seeing me.

In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

Dale should go home.

The precious results of democracy are the apple of the people's eye and the people will fight to maintain these ideals.

One town has excellent sports facilities.

My mother is home every day.

As it is the wedding of my younger brother I have no other choice but to attend it.

I am getting big!

You're beautiful.

Roger works here.

He went home on foot.

All I can do is wait.

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And that's what happened.

I scarcely think so.

I expect Siegurd will know what to do.

I love Arabic.

Take it easy. Things are looking up.

You should write a novel.

We did not get your letter until yesterday.

Be sure not to eat too much.

Albert has done you a favor.

We consider it the citizens' legitimate right to have public libraries.

We're extroverted.

She hates fish and never eats any.

All humanity will suffer if a nuclear war breaks out.

Werner was tapping his fingers nervously on the table.

Eat, or else it will go cold.

When were you there?

There's a good view from here.

They are now at rest.

He was stunned.

Smokers foul up the air.

I don't have anybody except her.

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Does Thomas know?

He's not really your father. Heh-heh.

Graham has significant mental health problems.

I've done everything possible to discourage people from doing that.

Hang on there.

Sent from my iPhone.

Thanks, this is enough.

Do you think I'm fat?

Kyu bumped into Tammy.

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This book is fundamental for an understanding of biology.

He threatened to throw the diamond off the window.

I assume you've read my report.

I'm going back there now.

A network of railroads spreads all over Japan.

Maybe you should apologize for all of the stupid things you did.

What state is Boston in?


I left my hat on the plane.

They play basketball.

They are persons with no moral conscience.

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Could it have been them?

I admire their ingenuity.

Tomorrow I will go to Paris by car.

How strange the weather is!

Emmett was supposed to come.

Is Henry on the boat?

They sat up all night.

"Who wants to go swimming with me?" "We all do."

I don't mind sleeping on the floor.

Read on.

Are you a yankee?

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Does your car have a spare tire?

Eva isn't afraid.

He died before the ambulance arrived.

You can tell this is college radio. First of all, they actually play records; secondly, they keep playing them at the wrong speed.

Why did you go to Japan?

Sedovic might object.

The heat is intense.

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This is only for your personal use.

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She's traveling alone.

She doesn't surf in the Internet every day.

I'm teaching myself to juggle.


If there's something I ought to know, I'd like to hear it.

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Nora says that he has never cheated on his wife.

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Hanako has forgotten her umbrella again.

Don't stay up too late. Tomorrow's a school day.

He could've done it!

Watching violence in the news makes me anxious.

How come we're not doing better?

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I passed a language test.

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It took an hour.


I cannot accept an excuse like that.

Your explanation is too abstract for me.

I should have tried out this electric shaver before buying it.

Good day.

You shouldn't lie to them.

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Turn around.

I think it's obvious.

Despite being of different quality, this orange is as good as that one.

Would you mind sharing your table, sir?

I was eating a sandwich.