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An engineer with a passion for creating new things, coffee and travelling the world.

Check back here often for new updates on projects. The first step will be to go through and post my project backlog then after that start creating new ones. Sometimes work or life gets in the way, but the goal is to publish new items every month.




PLCs, Control System Design, Robotics, Power Systems, Vision Systems, RTLS, GPS, Sensors


FEMA, Solidworks, Systems Analysis, 3D Motion Control Systems, CNC, Fabrication, 3d Printing, Rapid Prototyping


Python, MySQL, Matlab, User Interface Design

Degrees & Certificates

Bachelors Electrical Engineering, Masters Mechanical Engineering, PMP, Executive MBA


Running, Mountain Climbing, Photography, Science & Technology


Digital Strategy, Business Development, Risk Management, Cross-Functional Leadership

Work Portfolio

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work on some very exciting and elaborate projects. Below are some highlights of the past few I have been involved with.

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