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Ensuring and Securing
your Digital Future

Our solutions help companies drive relevant, contextual experiences across all of their customer touchpoints in real-time - from a marketing message to a commerce interaction, from the contact center to a sales meeting. Leveraging customer context to personalise each touch, and delivering consistently great experiences across channels creates differentiation, optimises marketing spend, and capitalises on the willingness of customers to pay more for a better experience.


Customer Experience & Commerce

We are a Global Practice EOH Business Unit focused on selling and delivering solutions to digitise your front office.
We offer front-line solutions that will help organisations market, sell and provide better services to their customers.
Our solutions deliver engaging customer experiences,
help with attraction & retention metrics
that increase revenues and reduce operational costs.

Simplify the front office

With a comprehensive approach to customer engagement and commerce, our solutions unlock opportunities to optimise both the business and customer experience while reducing cost, time, and complexity. Shifting resources from integration and maintenance to innovation and transformation creates competitive advantage and the ability to compete in the Digital Economy.

Transform and be agile

Our solutions enable companies to respond to changing market conditions and customer expectations with agility. From adding new channels, to evolving business models, to entering new markets our solutions help today’s businesses experiment and respond quickly to be competitive. Quickly adapting the experience and the business as conditions change empowers companies to become disruptors in their industry rather than being disrupted themselves.

Lower IT costs and improve business processes by harmonising your solution landscape across Commerce, Marketing, Billing, Sales and Service

Foster deeper collaboration between departments and share relevant customer information seamlessly

Transform the front office to become a data-driven, customer centric business

Focus resources to spend more time interacting with the customer

Become a disruptor in your industry rather than being disrupted by competition

Become proactive with a flexible and scalable solution set that enables you to react to changing market requirements

SAP Hybris Commerce

SAP Hybris Commerce drives your digital transformation and enables you to become an omni-channel business, delivering contextual customer experiences and unifying customer processes. We help integrate all digital and physical customer touchpoints onto a single, robust platform – including online, mobile, point-of-sale, call center, social media and print – empowering you to deliver exceptional, seamless customer experiences, in any industry, anywhere in the world. A single-stack architecture ensures a fast time to innovation, drives the best total cost of ownership, offers you maximum flexibility for extension and customisation.

SAP Hybris Marketing

SAP Hybris Marketing suite is the next generation marketing technology foundation that enables marketers to successfully engage with today’s customers with individualised offering. Understand the full context of individual customers, including real-time information, to deliver unique experiences at every stage of the customer journey. React quickly to opportunities with alignment and increased visibility of marketing activities. Choose from a wide range of capabilities that will help you to increase customer conversions, drive growth, and increase brand advocacy.


The SAP User Experience Management application by Knoa can provide the visibility to drive adoption and optimise your workforce. SAP UEM offers insight on how employees interact with SAP applications, helps measure impact on day-to-day operations and ultimately, increases adoption to realise efficiencies and save money. Organisations can identify complexities of key business functions, and deliver a roadmap to enable users to be more productive, responsive and engaged.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales

SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales is a modern day cloud sales solution that is built for sales professionals on the go. Leveraging user experience technology that is easily tailored to the way companies want to engage with their customers and run their business. Gone are the days of spending endless hours in the system entering information just for the purpose of reporting. Empower sales people with the agility and power to sell smarter by easily finding answers, engaging in meaningful customer conversations, and deliver the right impact every time to win customers like never before.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Service

SAP Hybris Service solutions enable the end-to-end service process; supporting seamless transitions between communication channels to resolve customer issues or execute service orders either through self-service options, engagement center agents or an on-site technician. With native mobile access and built-in robust analytical capabilities, SAP Hybris Service solutions deliver industry leading support options for every conceivable service issue. Share timely knowledge with the customer, stay on top of their precise needs, schedule the right dispatches or fixes, and collaborate with other parts of your operation as needed to accelerate service resolutions.



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