We should run some tests.

Girl, what beautiful hair you have.

Our kids are fat.

I want to enjoy it.

I always wanted to see that play.

We took a taxi so we wouldn't be late.

I wanted to laugh.

Do you drink milk?

I think I heard a man's voice.

It's already time to go home.

I'd better call him again.

We have to do that today.

I'm very impressed by your work.

Did Ramneek tell you we were coming?


Everyone was shocked by the news.

I'm asking you to trust me.

This river is about one third as long as the Shinano.

The woman was so surprised as to be speechless.

Bill can run the fastest in his class.

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He is a genius, if ever there is one.

If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times.

I'm coming.

The trip was very expensive.

He spoke on more and more eloquently.

Keep the estate, but revamp the house!

I must reject your request.

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She plays tennis after school every day.


I've been bitten by mosquitos all over my arm.


Petr says he'll give it a try.

I landed by parachute by mistake.

The came with kit and caboodle.

You shouldn't have lied to me.

You have only one choice.


I can't keep up with them.

Bud wasn't like that.

I got sick, and so couldn't come to school.

That's a tough question to answer.

They reached the mountain proper.

What should we do with all this?

Yumi is one of my friends.

How did you know where I'd be?

She'll only come if he comes too.

They came back.

I live next door.

I can understand how Helge feels.

Naomi escaped the danger.


When you're done with the book, put it back where you found it.

You're not supposed to be fighting.

Do you see the connection?

I took him up on his offer.

You needn't be ashamed because you failed the exam.

I can teach you how to fight.

I wouldn't blame you if you hated me.

A motel is like a hotel only much smaller and is used mostly by people traveling by automobile.

My cousin is so steeped in schoolwork that his friends call him bookworm.

We know they'll come.

Josip's such a bad sport that no one wants to play anything with him.

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Who were you waiting for at the station?

Would you please be quiet?

I fully intend to do everything I said I would do.


Haven't you wasted enough time playing games?

Please go ahead and give us questions!

I am patiently listening, but I don't feel interested.

Stay with them.

Were you in an accident?

I have a daughter the same age as your son.

You shouldn't have told her such a thing.

In spite of their tiny restaurant they managed to pull through the recession.

Did Nick give you that?


Tammy has seen this.

Nou must be punished for what he did.

I returned home at seven o'clock.

We're excited.

He continued his research for a further ten years.

I'm afraid I'm frigid.

He didn't have to say it twice.

Japan declared war on the United States in December, 1941.

Come to my house.

God created the world in six days.

I've never had to work very hard.

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What are you people thinking?


Tokyo is the largest city in Japan.


My father didn't say a word during dinnertime.

Actually, that's what I thought.

Your parents must be proud.

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The orange alien is orb-shaped with 18 tentacles.

Jones headed upstairs.

I couldn't keep up with Masanobu.

"What about the girls, my son?" "Oh dad."

Lois was scolded by his boss for showing up late for work.


So, what did your dad say?

Thierry is one of the few people I can trust.

Shamim was quite nervous.


Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.

There isn't any problem at all.

I really want to be able to speak French fluently.


I happened across an old friend in the street.

We've already seen this material.

We ascertained that the people of Vileika are known for their hospitality for a good reason.


Izumi set the table for dinner while Danny cooked.

The boy fell off the bicycle and fractured his skull.

She's left me.

I plan to go to France next year.

Leith is out here.

Denis didn't take his shoes off.

I'll arrange that for you.

Why is it always my responsibility to pay the bills?

Can it be that the white horse is not a horse?

I think we ought to change our policy.

He has skill in handwork.

His voice was full of tender concern.

It's Clayton I have a problem with.

Einstein, at school, wasn't a bright boy.

We walked slowly along the road.

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You can't succeed without hard work.


What do you mean I have to leave?!


I have a terrible hangover.


Jamie walked across the garden.

Autumn weather is changeable.

There's nothing else left to be done.


He was deeply moved by the story.

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Nancy didn't have to tell me about what happened. I already knew.

Deirdre and Kelly don't seem to be interested.

She dressed him like children dress their pets.

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You only have three days.

Mount Everest's summit is the highest spot in the world.

Loukas turned down the job offer.

We are a family of five.

Put some salt on your meat.


Is this for real?


Bud felt bad.


Please pay attention to what I'm saying.


It's unlikely to rain tomorrow.


Everyone turned to look at them.

Did you make coffee this morning?

The question was followed by another question.

We are finally free.

Giovanni was quite a guy.

We kept our books closed.

I don't know where the bus stop is.

We ate surf n turf.

He wasn't so stupid that he talked about that in her presence.

Ahmet had no choice but to pay the fine.

Hate the sin, love the sinner.

They are going to send up a rocket.

Subra crossed her arms over her chest.


I like Pratt, but I'm not really his friend.

I'm surprised Marcel and Oscar don't like each other.

I swear this is true.

Are you ready to go out?

Grant was pretty tired.

He banged a big book on the desk.

He heard the news on the radio.


The pigeon has flown away.

Tell them to stay put for now.

He needs a ladder.

There was something not quite right about Joyce.

Let's introduce ourselves to the immigration office.

I start at noon.

It wouldn't be very difficult for us to do that.

I'm dying of laughter!

I know all that.


I thought Jones was one of them.

Susumu would do anything to get Troy's attention.

It took her four months to recover from her sickness.

He remained at the top of the class at school.

Yesterday there were two weddings here.