He has lived here for a long time.

Billy deserves the best.

Let Vicky try it.

Val stopped himself from kissing Dion.

Your response is wholly insufficient.

I don't hang out with Alex.

You said I could talk to him.

Don't forget about me.

If you need to blame someone, blame Tigger and me.

If it wasn't for the doctor's treatment, that patient would be dead.

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Felix seems cold to me lately.

I was hoping Ian knew what we were supposed to do.

The boy is able to memorize everything he reads.

I will deal with him myself.

Ole came back to Boston last year.


The garden belongs to the house.


I'm frantic!

Knowledge is the supreme power.

Where was the mistake?


She took a ten-day trip to Europe with her friends.

The whole school turned out to welcome Claire back.

We can go now.

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I got stung.

Lately I've been finding everything boring.

Nelken is only a junior.


The charge was not true.


That must've been surprising.

Nikolai has been busy all week.

Isn't that against the law?


I think you ought to rest a while.

I know what we need.

This is a glass mosaic.

This bookcase is easy to assemble.

No, she didn't want to meet up with him.

She was taken ill on holiday and had to find a doctor.

I saw the girl swimming in the river.

Most men in politics just did not like Adams.

Are you miserable?

What are you having for lunch today?

I used to be a businessman.

Nothing is happening.

They recognized the new government.

Linder is taller than Dan but Tim is the tallest guy in the group.

Other than Sundays, I work every day.

The food is too spicy for me.

I love surprise parties.

Do you know how Roxie knew?

You're ruining your clothing.


Watch from the window.


I wish nothing but the best for you.

Phill always looked busy.

I've had a really tough day.

You were good, now you're better.

There were three of them.

I failed the exam.

If I catch you hitting my cat one more time, I'll kick your ass. I'm telling you, this is your last chance.


You don't deserve this.

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Winnie guided us through the woods.

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My cousin took me by surprise by coming without previous notice.

Sergio is playing golf today.

He's preparing for the journey.

Today young people find themselves, through no fault of their own, living in a world torn by international bitterness and the threat of nuclear destruction.

I like you a lot.

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We'll find one.


A student from America lives near my house.

I'm the mother of a son of a bitch.

Tiefenthal is in a meeting right now.

Meehan works.

They respect one another.

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Whoever loves flowers cannot be a bad person.

Not everyone was celebrating.

Seenu stopped when he heard his name being called.

But after she does that with the first glass, what is she going to do with the second one?

May you have a very happy married life!

The watch you gave me doesn't keep time.

Let me help you out a bit.

These lemons are fresh.

Earthquakes are very common in New Zealand, with up to 14,000 being recorded each year, of which less than 200 are actually felt.

That was a pretty good move.

He is nothing but a liar.

She's supposed to be revising, Raanan.

Tor is trying to get a green card.

I will wire you when I get there.

Victor put a cap on his head.


June attended Monday's meeting.

He was put through university with money left by his uncle.

Let's sit here on this bench.

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She visited me regularly.

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Kevan doesn't pay much attention to nutrition.

Please bring me my bill.

What's it really about?

She lives like a princess.

We were all concerned.


Are you sure you won't change your mind?

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Pratap wants to be a tattoo artist.


He doesn't have any common sense.

Del is staying with relatives.

Jake quickly threw the ball in to his teammate.

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The beginning of a sentence starts with a capital letter.

Edwin isn't going to let you do that.

I work to live, but I don't live to work.


Maybe Nigel has already gone home.

You're hurting her.

I think I need to talk to you.


I should've listened to Bart instead of Lowell.

I like R & B.

Please say something.

She always paints her nails red.

Here it really feels today like summer has ended.


Felix is trapped.

Marek showed up at the party dressed like a pirate.

I don't want her to get angry.

Mikey shuffled down the hall.

The pay cuts didn't go down well with the company staff.

I receive a million messages a day and I can't answer them all.

The war goes on.

He's inviting nothing but trouble.

I hope Julianto gets here early.

It rains here often.

Paper burns quickly.

Should I help Roman?

Peggy has done a great job.


Rusty has a thing for you.


Sandy made the wrong choice.

The roses sometimes grow wild.

I overlooked the mistakes in your paper the first time I read it.

When the train goes through the station, the windows rattle noisily and the whole house shakes.

This net here is to keep off mosquitoes.

What kind of gadget is that?

You've got to stop them.

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Many different types of flowers were in bloom in the garden.

Her career was rich and exciting.

These days Kathleen is never sure to whom grammar questions should be addressed to ensure an authoritative answer.


I really need a vacation.

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Hector is only three weeks old.

I know you're afraid of snakes.

How much do you owe?

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He persisted in the experiment until he was successful.

Can I touch your breasts?

You should not name your baby Barack. Every Joyce, Dick and Harry is named Barack.

What are we fighting for?

You have to overcome the difficulties.


A strong wind began to blow.


How much did Cole take from you?

She certainly did not hate him.

This style of hat is now in fashion.

Warts are ugly but harmless.

Yes, it happens from time to time.

Chinese philosophy is the best.

It doesn't take three hours to get to Rome.


It was Sir Anthony's eightieth birthday concert and everybody wanted a ticket.

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I feel faint.


Where did you curse them?


How sad that girl looks!


I can tell you don't have any children.

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Maybe I'll just stay here with Tracy.

Gesture is another way of communication.

I only hope Kayvan likes me.

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My father told me not to read books in bed.