About us

Greenqloud is a leading provider of cloud management software that has been lauded by the industry for its premier software Qstack, the easy-to-use comprehensive cloud management platform.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on our culture and the team we’ve created. We have attracted exceptional talent from various industries that come together under the vision of making IT easy.

  • Jeff Hair Technical Lead and Software Developer

    It’s a team-oriented place, where everyone is aligned towards the same goals.

  • Nera NeÅ¡ić Software Developer

    The opportunity to get involved and work with different components of a software stack is the best thing.

  • Ægir Ármannsson Senior Account Manager

    I love working at Greenqloud and being able to bring an amazing product to the IT market.


Qstack is a cloud management platform that combines our proprietary software with open-source components, hardening them to be able to meet the strictest security standards required by enterprise deployments.

Qstack provides a unified, customizable self-service web portal for users and administrators…