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VOLUNTEER to help out at Gamehole Con.

FAQs for helping to answer all the pressing questions of the day.

OUR OFFICIAL STORE is currently stocking all of your Gamehole Con fashion related needs.

Information On Our Kid's Track is now available!

Information regarding this year's Adventurer's League can be found here.

2018 Important Dates

Event Dates - Nov 8th - Nov 11th

Housing Portal Opens - Feb 3rd

Event Submissions Open - April 1st noon CST

VIG Renewals Open - June 2nd noon CST

Main Registration Opens - June 16th noon CST

VIG Event Registration Opens - July 21st noon CST

True Dungeon Tickets Open - July 28th noon CST

General Event Registration Opens - August 11th noon CST

Pre-registration and Event Submission Closes - October 1st