Will I be able to spend one day undisturbed for once?

You weren't home when I called past your place earlier.

Ignorance is no excuse.

Jimmy has very bad handwriting.

Carsten is one of the most handsome men I've ever seen.

Dawson was too tired to do anything.

What's your explanation?

I need you.

We must get rid of Casper.

One of our gas cans is missing.

Bea was very dedicated.

Strictly forbidden.


Rebecca got married again.


Ric knows how to swim.


A new car came to a standstill in front of the bank.


Mats was taken hostage.

She's a talented writer.

Radek has a similar problem.


Let's get to work.


Mayo was off duty yesterday.

"Will the porters come with their master?" "No, they will come alone."

A free-trade agreement between Europe and the United States is currently under negotiation.

You're going to get better.

His story excited everyone's curiosity.


The Oort Cloud is believed to surround our solar system and reach over halfway to the nearest star, Alpha Centauri, which is 150,000 astronomical units away.

The truck is being weighed.

Please give us your help.

As he entered the house, two things caught his eye.

Griff will have to go by himself.

Your name is familiar to me.

People are becoming more short-tempered and violent.


This app will let you sync your photos and music between all your devices.

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I know these students.

Everything was done in accordance with the rules.

I've just had dinner.

He used to get up early when he was young.

There is no reason why he should resign.

Baseball is often called "the great American sport".

Ann likes to argue.

I was called out to the scene of the accident.

I was okay.

Why did you ditch me?

He earns half a million yen a month.


I haven't decided yet whether I'll go to college or get a job.

I don't want you to tell them.

I went to high school with her.

Cristi was defeated.

They will finish serving their sentence next month.


This right must be protected at all costs.

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Do you have a crush on Donald?

When I see him, I think of my grandfather.

You aren't really afraid of me, are you?

They are loyal to their master.

I really hope Milo is right.


Please take your seat, sir.

Masanao's destroying her clothes.

He was allegedly seduced by her into giving the key to the vault.


I haven't seen very much of Linley recently.


He's hammered.


The only girl that will even talk to Lar is Tanya.


We'd like to help.

He knows how to come to Tokyo.

What the bloody fuck is that?


He was punished with justification.

This United Nations resolution calls for the withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict.

When I speak, you be quiet and listen!

I've been waiting here for three hours.

You're blocking my light.

Ole hated it.

The washing is still damp wet.

My boyfriend still doesn't know my parents.

Well, you were right.

It would be madness to climb that mountain in winter.

I have a fairly good idea what needs to be done.

I don't want to be disturbed.

They'd like sandwiches, salad, and juice, also.

The car crashed into the truck.

This is how he earned so much money.

Why don't you just talk to them?

If I have a lot of money, I'll buy a new car.

The cat doesn't look happy to see us.

To Bob's disappointment, several of those who had promised to help him afterwards backed out.

My brights are on.

We're running a bit behind schedule.

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I can't play the electric guitar.

Why were you sick the other day?

I've never met anyone who doesn't like chocolate.


They are all very happy.

And just who are you, exactly?

I've done everything on my list.

I see when men love women. They give them but a little of their lives. But women when they love give everything.

Jane objected to our decision.

Would you like to add me to your contact list?

Can I buy a ticket for the concert here?


My friends call me Beth.

You'll always be special to me.

It was impudent of him.

What brought you to Boston?

By all means, you must come.

I've never seen any of you before in my life.

It's easier to lose a village than get a home.


That sounds like a reasonable demand.

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After they drank the wine they got up and left.

Why would I want to ride with Revised?

He's not in.

Tell her to pick up the phone.

Love is a bizarre feeling that you cannot express in words.

There's no need to speak so loud.

I am very busy.

Is Tad on duty?

Lois sounded worried.

I'm bored right now.

The sun doesn't shine at night.

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With bronze as a mirror one can dress neatly; with the example of another person one can see the advantages and disadvantages of himself; from the mirror of history one can know the reason for the rise and fall of states.

I predicted this.

Put your room in order.

I don't like the way he speaks to me.

There isn't much milk left in the bottle.

I don't really want you mad at me.

Francesca has a fuller figure than many of the other models at the agency.


Pieter is a horse trainer.

I'll wait a little longer.

Avoid crossing this street when it's raining.

Esperanto carries with it the values of world peace and mutual understanding among nations.

Tell them what really happened.


The Mayor of London doesn't like bendy buses.

Is everything OK with Agatha?

I didn't want to worry you.

I lived in Boston when I was your age.

Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they are always are there.

Sanford, what's your problem?

When do lessons start at your school?


I really want to be a good teacher.


I'm tied up now.

The language of that tribe is as complex as any other human language.

Philip's uneasy.

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Who has time?

I don't think Alex will mind.

She was very short with me.

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My husband always reads in bed.


Willie makes me feel safe.

I awoke from a long dream.

Mr Brown gave me your name.

I've had worse offers.

I don't want to be here when Celia wakes up.

I need to go home.

It made me feel safer.

They barred journalists from reporting on the elections.

Ernie is cheating on Stephen.

The students don't have the financial means in which to buy food.

Knead the dough.

Do you think Norbert will actually do that?

This stays between us, OK?


There are no pens on the desk.

This restaurant only accepts cash.

"All Quiet on the Western Front"


Matt told us he didn't want to play poker with us.

And don't tempt me.

Where the hell were you?

The dictator seized power in a military coup.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone.


Come back in a day.


It was a pity Graeme couldn't go camping with us.


I have to deal with them.