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We as a property management service consultant, value your property and constantly ensure that we provide an array of comprehensive services which can significantly bring about reduction in the maintenance cost and further ensuring rentals which benefit both the tenants and owners


We will lead your ideal home.

We understand that property is the most valuable asset and we claim to be one of the best property management consultants in Hyderabad who value your expectations and assist you for your ideal home



Casnic is one of the leading property management companies in Hyderabad. It is operating under the business name of Casnic Property Management Private Limited.
Our primary purpose for property owners is to remove the stress and strain of the owners in not only managing their property but also by ensuring a continuous assured rental return from the property by providing a knowledgeable, trusted and dependable service.
Our primary purpose for tenants is to provide them with a good and well maintained flat as per their needs and ensuring a peaceful stay in the home of their choice.
We are quite proficient at buying and selling commercial and residential property and hence making it quite tangible and value for money.
We look to set the standards for property management, administration and financial control and by incubating the latest technology, to show our customers that we really care when looking after their home.


Our services include ensuring that the property is leased out to tenants and include management of the entire rental life-cycle with professionalism. We ensure the smooth flow of owner and tenancy relations through our constant fostering and strengthening.


The primary prerequisite for property owners, would be to constantly generate good revenue returns through their assets and properties. We ensure and evaluate the home before fixing the rental price for the property and further make it to let out.


We are also involved in the arrangement of legal documents which comes annexed with the agreement documents for the lessee and the lessor. We take the complete ownership of drafting the agreement copies for rental and sales.


Maintenance activities are deemed to be the most important and pivotal component for both lessee and the lessor. Casnic always would bring about the maintenance activities as an exclusive component for the property owners and landlords.

Are you looking for a great place to rent? We will find a perfect place to live based on your requirements

Our property listings are pre-screened and well maintained. we will not only serve you before you rent the house, but will also be the point of contact for any service or maintenance issues. Please check our tenant section for more details.

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We cover your buying needs as well

Casnic have been a consultant to help the property owners to sell their property to the prospective buyers and enabling the properties to get sold at the appropriate time.


Has leasing your property been bothering since quite a while now, look no further

Casnic has emerged with its arena of services offers leasing services which could benefit both the property buyers and owners under the same roof. We bring in the potential customers who are looking for a property on lease and get the entire legal transactions done for you. As an additional responsibility that we shoulder upon is the assistance towards the legal documentation and registration


We know how frustrating the property sale for any owner to have and it is equally on the same rope for the buyers who are keen to have their property.

We at Casnic help to bridge the gap between both; we provide value to customers by bringing but a complete guidance to both the owner and the buyer with a comprehensive and holistic property experience

Finding a right home begins with multiple metrics, Casnic gets onto taking ownership for both buyers and property owners with the following parameters.


The inclusion of assorting could very well begin with finding and segregating the list of available properties in the landscape.



Getting through the entire legal proceedings pertaining to the property occupancy.



We take the ownership of regular maintenance schedules covered while signing up the rental agreement with the owner and the tenant.



Finally ensuring that tenant is getting into the allotted space for occupancy.

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  • Regular Inspections
  • Professional Help
  • BUY

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  • Property Visits
  • Value Assesment & Verification
  • Registration
  • Legal Formalities
  • SELL

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  • Handling Potential Buyers
  • Value Assesment
  • Registration
  • Smooth Transaction Experience
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Casnic has got its expertise in transitioning itself as a liaison between the property owners and the tenants. We would be responsible to keep both owners and tenants, be completely satisfied with the entire tenancy procedures. The functionalities that we have at a nutshell.
● Inspection of the overall health of the property before being rented out.
● Hunting out for the prospective buyers to fit into the tenancy model.
● Signing off the contractual agreement for both the owner and the tenant to have the occupancy.

● Casnic have been extensively working on the finest strategy to bring about the transparency between the property owners across the buyers. We completely adhere to the said protocols of the property owner.
● We often bridge the gap between the property owner and the tenant, we tend to complete the entire legal proceedings which are mandatory for the successful occupancy of the tenant in the allotted apartment, villa.
● We take the responsibility of overall property exposure to the potential buyers by actively involved into advertising.

● We become the single point of contact (SPOC) between you and the buyer who is the tenant.
● We would become the sole witness when undertaking the signing up of rental agreement between the owner and the tenant for the mutually agreement tenure of occupancy.
● The entire financial transactions would be maintained by you and periodically updated to the property owner and also provide the owner of all the financial transactions such as the security deposit, monthly rental and ensure that the same is being deposited in the bank account provided by the property owner.
● The profound task that we undertake would be a seamless communication between you and the tenants and this we do it with complete diligence.


We at Casnic are always looking forward to helping you. For any questions regarding our services and to find our further on how we can help with your property needs, please don't hesitate to give us a call, leave an email or start a chat

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