I checked outside.

I've known him for more than ten years.


Acid eats into metal.

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How would you like potatoes?

Horst realized that he wasn't the same as the other kids.

He is, as they say, a walking encyclopedia.

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I personally believe that you're right.


I tried to keep in with her in vain.

Where is your twenty? I'll give you five bucks for it.

The coxswain egged his crewmen on, and made a winning spurt at the last lap of the regatta.

This book has gone through eight editions.

The exhibition caused a minor scandal.

I'm sorry to trouble you.

Vernon had a hip replacement surgery.


Neptune has two thick and two thin rings which surround it.

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Don't hate me for that.


I already told you not to smoke in your room.

This refrigerator has an integrated ice and water dispenser.

What do you say we call it a day?

Nobody has solved the problem.

Marcel will need to wait here.


You see me.

I had a leg cramp when swimming.

Innsbruck, I must leave you.


Ofer is getting a little impatient.

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When you watch television or listen to the radio, the music which you hear is often African in origin.

I do not know what I will do.

Girls aren't worth the trouble, Suzan.


If you had a word processor, you'd be free from all this trouble.

I wondered when you'd get here.

The post office is located in the center of the town.

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I stay until midday.

Roxie didn't eat anything.

Frederick was an exceptional leader.

She doesn' like eggs.

I am ready to help you.

I forgot to mention it to them.

Now it's up to me.

My brand new blog is online!

He likes abandoned buildings.

I just want to see her.

Off with your balls!


Do you have a house in Italy?

I was just talking about her.

Tens of male and female students were drawing a lone - completely nude - male model standing on a platform.

Peter not only denied that he was Christ's disciple, but that he even knew him.

You can come if you want.

We don't look the same at all.

As for the air, there is always some moisture in the atmosphere, but when the amount increases a great deal, it affects the light waves.

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That'll bring the cost down.

Meg was happy about meeting Floria again.

He is sure to carry out the task assigned to him.

Because just one minute costs nearly four pounds.

How long adolescence continues is determined by biological factors.


Do you know them well?

Today is very cold.

That doesn't surprise me.


I don't know what kind of person he is.

Where did you learn to do that?

So far as I am concerned, I am not against his plan.


I will eat coffee flavored pudding.

I wanted one of those when I was a kid.

Please buy it from that official.

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Obviously, he is to blame.

Jussi hasn't talked to me since we had that argument.

She calculates faster than any other student.

You sure sound upset.

I saw Ross and Panos making out in the movie theater last night.

The Soviet troops have started the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

I put it in the box.

She is a selfish woman.

Emil knows many famous people.


"I'll do my best" often means "I won't initiate anything".

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I tried to read through the book, which I found impossible.

The CEO is trying to quash these unfounded rumors about a merger.

I thought Giovanni had already tried to do that.

Leonardo da Vinci began painting Mona Lisa in 1503.

Donnie looks comfortable.

I have been to see my friend off.

I never thought I'd ever see you again.

Senator Kerry was considered a liberal.

We weren't surprised at all.

It has a wingspan of about four inches.

What time does school start in the morning?

You ask too much of me.

As soon as he saw me, he ran away.

He ruined his body by drinking too much.

Donn almost died trying to save me.

I hope we're not bothering you.

My life is empty without him.

I have spent my whole life here.

Migrating birds are flying south.

He stood in front of me.

Hurry, or the plane will leave you behind.

What else did they do?

I wish to speak to you.

Cristopher expected Avery to be at his party.

The patient will be grateful if you donate

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A man with a gun urged him into the car.

Today we have many new translations in Galician and Basque.

Do you think you're good-looking?

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The tree is sick.


Do you want to get some lunch?

Go get help.

Her voice grew soft.


I'm sure Bernard was sleepy.

I'm just about finished doing the laundry.

As long as you stick to one style, you can't hit upon a wonderful idea.

We met on Sunday.

Sekar is way taller than Heidi.

Scads of online daters constantly check their desirability.

I'm not taking advice from someone I don't know.

That manager often makes (people) work long hours.

By the way, are you free this afternoon?

I've got to get to a meeting.

Take a little more time.

Collin doesn't really want to do this.

Whoever stole the money should be caught, made to pay it back, and go to jail.

Is it too early to call Roderick?

The hint of a smile appeared on Jonathan's face.

Suppose I remove, starting with hair one inch in length, leaving hair a half inch in length. Is that shaving?

According to the stars, she and I aren't supposed to have much chemistry between us.

Does Anna have a sense of humor?

Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do.

Her uncle is a famous doctor.

Lex unrolled his sleeping bag on his foam pad.

Let's take a look at the facts.

Will you please lend me a stapler?

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When Vinod looked up to the ceiling, a drop of water fell into his eye.

This book may well be useful to you.

It is highly improper.


Subra looks doubtful.

I'm not going to be able to fly on that day.

Is your sister married?

He is an industrious man.

In the street, flags are flying.

The exhibition has drawn much attention from the public.

Mike came back from the library at five.

It's probably just my imagination.

She had a sheltered life.

I don't think they did this.

In 1983, Guion Bluford became the first black American to enter space.

What's your age?

Shannon didn't need cash.

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He has the eyes of a leopard.


The trips to the islands are not cheap.

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I didn't expect to meet you.


Our town ran into danger.

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The resemblance between these two men is uncanny.

Nancy and Jane had to go back home at five thirty.

Floria bought his truck used.

Bring me my hat.

Let me tell you something about Ssi.

A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.

I should be with her.

It's rude to point at anyone.

Serdar got up to go, but Noemi stopped him.

I wish more people would recycle.

What more could one ask for?


It's an older model.


And now I'm trouble because of you!

The cup is on the table.

You shouldn't be out of bed.


Ro has never celebrated Christmas.

I've got a toothache. The pain is killing me.

He has got over the trouble.