Kyu was tied with a yellow nylon rope.


It looks like winter is here to stay.


She looks young.

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I'm probably not as tired as Leigh is.

Mah felt homesick.

Put this on.

Gretchen was wearing a Superman costume.

Lawrence may change his mind later.


My camera loads easily.

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What are the four seasons of the year?


He's above telling a lie.

Human beings are not made to understand life, but to live it.

We cannot do without water.


How're you this morning?

What's taking so long?

He has no less than two thousand yen with him.


I will come back next week.

She loves Australia.

It won't be easy telling him.

Has Walter been drinking today?

Maybe he was in an accident?

I like math best.

He did't answer at first

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I'm going to report you to police.

I took care of her.

The instant the girl saw her mother, she burst out crying.

Don't make this any rougher than it has to be.

I went shopping with a friend.


A captain is in charge of his ship and its crew.


"What's Grandma doing?" "She's sleeping on the couch."

I'm busy, so I can't go.

There is one book here.

Nancy is a shade darker than Helen is.

Rakhal thinks that's good enough.

The snow-flakes seemed larger and larger, at last they looked like great white fowls.

Many swallows will come soon from the south.

Bobbie tried to control his anger.

Wake up!

Could you actually eat this?

They were very hungry.


He didn't like to ask for help even if he was starving.


Terry may be the only one who can solve this problem.

There's room for eight people in this elevator.

i brake large timeconsuming tasks into chunks

Russell is obviously very good with his hands.

I don't want Conrad coming around here.

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You were not able to check their movements.

You wouldn't lie.

I know myself.

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The candle smells nice.

I'd like it if this kind of thing didn't keep happening all the time.

Neville nodded his head.

Suresh isn't too bright.

Pour a little wine in my glass.

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What was in that package?


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I'm trying to sleep.

I'm not looking forward to Christmas this year.

I am going to the store now.

He's always making a mess of things.

It was a bummer.

It might rain today.

The bank was held up last night.

The young couple included their parents among their Thanksgiving guests.

Give them some money.

She and her sister agreed on everything.

She got so angry that she belted him in the face with the back of her hand.


The approaches used in those two designs are exactly alike.


Daryl drank all the juice in one gulp.

Since it is bad when it rains, when you come out of the room, please shut the window.

Murph will show you how to do it.


Can't you vacuum later?

We have to stop this.

Do you want to come to Boston with me?


I'm not fond of her face.

The food is very good in the dormitory where he lives.

I'm sorry for the delay in my reply.

They're willing to help us.

Jane is not so tall as Emmett.

Maybe Earl will go to Boston with Dori.

Do not read while walking.

The tall man is handsome.

Each cat has its own personality.

This book is small.

I put on my shoes at once.

All my friends are getting married.

I've been looking for it all morning.

Ahmed says he witnessed the whole thing.

Do you have a lot of money?

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What did you do exactly?

What time is it in Sri Lanka?

I am going to fell the palm tree.


How do I fix the seat?

I only need one onion for this recipe.

It is justice, and not might, that wins in the end.

I love the Fatherland.

I know it's not true, but it definitely seems like the sun revolves around the Earth.

I can come back tomorrow.

Dan got into his car and drove off.

The war was over at the price of many lives.

John was not at home, as is often the case with him.


I have nowhere near enough money to buy a house.


Arthur is one of the students that redid their year.

Tell her that I'm ready.

Can you remember that last time you ate ravioli?

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I'm going to take full responsibility.


Interpreters mediate between different cultures.

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the matter in question.

She broke the tragic news to her mother.

Elric asked for his lawyer.

Do you have any allergies?

Rome is a city worth visiting.

Leon and Joon got engaged.

He walked away with a sad look on his face.

How would you help us?

You don't need to feel sorry for Son.

Welcome to our home!

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He stopped looking for the pearl.

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A legal kiss will never equal a stolen one.

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I have never sung, and never will sing, in a karaoke bar.

Dan wasn't even born when Linda graduated.

I asked the company for his resume.

She endeavored to live up to their expectations.

There were various delicacies.

He speaks quickly.

Mr So-and-so called today.

Police think the fire was deliberately lit.

What a tall mountain!


I can speak from personal experience.

I understand you.

Put that book back where you found it.


Is there anything I could help you with?

We must put an end to this kind of quarrel.

Fraction b/a means 1/a is double number of b.

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You can't pick who you fall in love with.

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Armies invaded and conquered the enemy territory.

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There's a cat on the table.


I wonder what Clay is planning to do.

Alexander is a party girl.

You know better.


You're a good boy, Spass.

Tell Art to write me.

There must be something heavy in it.

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Panos always gets up at 6:30.

I think Ofer will probably like this movie.

What're you doing with my car?

Many people attended her funeral.

Did you order this?

We heard the speech to the end.

I was there when Amy died.

We weren't at home yesterday.

Tragedy is a powerful unifying factor for a nation's people.


The performance of electric cars has improved.

My son has formed the habit of rising early.

It's thanks to his father that he owns this hotel.

Please tell me the requirements for admission to the college.

Sundays I don't go to school.

Hillary became world famous.

About how much money do you need?