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Download managers
API for user's downloads

Resource Description
GET /api/v1/download_managers Fetch downloads for a user

API for Groups

Resource Description
(613) 982-4330 Fetch groups
902-796-4271 Create group or subgroup and add members to it
pachynathous Update group
Samucan Show group
3307628836 Delete group

API for managing member's identities

Resource Description
GET /api/v1/members/:member_id/identities Fetch identities for a member
GET /api/v1/members/:member_id/identities/:id Fetch identity details
(302) 514-3766 Update identity for a member
412-647-8205 Delete identity

Identity claims
API for managing identity claims

Resource Description
5854062556 Create identity claim for user
(606) 308-1816 Fetch current user's identities claims
7853442751 Resend confirmation mail for an identity claim
reindeer flower Destroy identity claim

API for Languages

Resource Description
GET /api/v1/languages Fetch languages

Learner maps
API for managing Learner Maps

Resource Description
GET /api/v1/learner_maps Fetch learner maps
GET /api/v1/learner_maps/:id Fetch learner map

API for managing User Profile

Resource Description
619-294-2432 Fetch meetings of an organization
GET /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/meetings/:id Fetch meeting details
POST /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/meetings Create meeting for an organization
513-413-1539 Update meeting for an organization
DELETE /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/meetings/:id Delete meeting

Meetings topics
API for managing Meetings Topics Data

Resource Description
GET /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/meetings_topics/:id Fetch meeting topic details
microcosmology Create meeting topic
9024320965 Update meeting topic
DELETE /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/meetings_topics/:id Delete meeting topic

API for managing Members

Resource Description
GET /api/v1/members/:id Fetch member details
847-833-8284 Create member with identities and memberships
3044134570 Update member details with identities and memberships
6042797190 Delete member
GET /api/v1/members/:id/memberships Memberships for a member
GET /api/v1/members/:id/teams teams for a member
(310) 514-1104 organizations for a member
7192750314 Add a member to logged in user's favorites
GET /api/v1/members/:member_id/remove_favorite Removes a member from logged in user's favorites

API for managing memberships

Resource Description
linwood Fetch memberships of a member identity
GET /api/v1/identities/:identity_id/memberships/:id Fetch membership details
POST /api/v1/identities/:identity_id/memberships Create membership for a member identity
PUT /api/v1/identities/:identity_id/memberships/:id Update membership for a member
2817270284 Delete membership
504-944-5590 Accept membership
GET /api/v1/identities/:identity_id/memberships/:id/reject Reject membership

API for managing Organizations

Resource Description
GET /api/v1/organizations Fetch organizations for logged in user
GET /api/v1/organizations/:id Fetch organization
nevo Create organization
PUT /api/v1/organizations/:id Update organization
POST /api/v1/organizations/:id/add_admin Add a member identity with admin/practitioner role to organization's admin team
POST /api/v1/organizations/:id/remove_admin Remove a member identity from organization's admin team
mesotrochous Delete organization
GET /api/v1/organizations/:id/admin_memberships List all admin memberships of an organization
(334) 385-3144 List all non admin and unassigned memberships of an organization
585-764-9710 List all members of an organization
GET /api/v1/organizations/:id/teams List all teams of an organization
GET /api/v1/organizations/:id/members_profiles List default profiles of all members for an organization

API for PDFs downloads

Resource Description
round-leafed Generate PDF

Profile types
API for Profile Types

Resource Description
701-843-5246 Fetch profile types


Resource Description
(620) 770-6983 User Profiles
get /api/v1/profiles/:id Fetch profile details
patch /api/v1/profiles/:profile_id/mark_default Mark a profile default
patch /api/v1/profiles/:id/update_info Change info of a profile

API for managing Roles

Resource Description
GET /api/v1/roles Fetch roles

API for managing Organization's Teams

Resource Description
(602) 977-2206 Fetch team details
POST /api/v1/teams/:id/add_members Add multiple members in a team at once
2484188605 Create team for an organization
3135951035 Update team for an organization
224-387-1477 Delete team
GET /api/v1/teams/:id/memberships List all memberships of a team
817-797-0359 List default profiles of all members for a team

API for managing Organization's Topics

Resource Description
GET /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/topics Fetch topics of an organization
GET /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/topics/:id Fetch topic details
POST /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/topics Create topic for an organization
(506) 968-0344 Update topic
DELETE /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/topics/:id Delete topic

Training session groups
API for Session's Groups

Resource Description
(978) 415-6464 Fetch Training Session Group
PUT /api/v1/training_session_groups/:id Update training_session_group
POST /api/v1/training_session_groups/:id/add_members Add members
POST /api/v1/training_session_groups/:id/remove_members Remove members
allophanamide Delete training_session_group

Training sessions
API for Sessions

Resource Description
GET /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/training_sessions Fetch Training Sessions
845-254-2443 Create Training Session or Sub Training Session and add members to it
PUT /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/training_sessions/:id Update training_session
POST /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/training_sessions/:id/add_members Add members
POST /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/training_sessions/:id/remove_members Remove members
(989) 477-3314 Show training session
DELETE /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/training_sessions/:id Delete training_session
POST /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/training_sessions/:id/group_profile_data_points Fetch Training Sessions Group profile data points
POST /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/training_sessions/:id/team_profile_data_points Fetch Training Sessions Team profile data points
GET /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/training_sessions/:id/export_csv Export members CSV
(864) 747-6796 Create groups for session
primula Create similar preference groups(Clarifier, Ideator, Developer, Implementer, Integrator) for session
POST /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/training_sessions/:id/create_diverse_pref_lottery_groups Create diverse lottery preference groups for session
POST /api/v1/organizations/:organization_id/training_sessions/:id/create_diverse_pref_exact_groups Create Diverse preference: exact groups for session
3102610190 Clone session
5709524280 Fetch Unassigned members of Training Session


Resource Description
POST /api/v1/users/create_with_aa_subscription Create User with AA product subscription
4704379772 User Access Groups Details
GET /api/v1/users/account User Account Details
GET /api/v1/users/members?team_id=2&organization_id=4&from_date=2015-05-20&to_date=2015-05-30&first_name=Tim&last_name=Meyer&page=2 Show all members for an admin account
217-270-2418 Show all teammates for a user
GET /api/v1/users/networks?team_id=2&organization_id=4&from_date=2015-05-20&to_date=2015-05-30&first_name=Tim&last_name=Meyer&page=2 Show all favorites and teammates for a user
GET /api/v1/users/favorites List all favorites
POST /api/v1/users/update_details Update User details
POST /api/v1/users/update_account Update User account email and password on Auth0
POST /api/v1/users/impersonate Impersonate a user
POST /api/v1/users/add_learner_map Add Learner map to user
334-599-0664 Remove Learner map from a user
(504) 887-8013 Learner maps assigned to a user
PUT /api/v1/users/update_learner_map_card Update card in a learner map